A Beginner’s Guide to Taking Good Care of Your Skin

By Elena and Lily

Taking good care of your skin is important not only for your confidence, but also for your health. Especially with corona taking a visit, you’re going to want to take good care of your skin so that when you wear a mask, you don’t break out or get a yeast infection. Taking good care of your skin isn’t only important during a pandemic, though. It’s always important.

Having good skin will also lead you to being more confident. For an article explicitly on confidence, check out this article here.

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Watch what you eat

If you’re feeling a breakout, or feel like your skin isn’t at it’s best, an easy tip we have for you is to watch what you eat. There’s certain foods that are going to make your skin break out more, so eating healthy is going to make your skin clear up.

Oftentimes, breakouts are a reflection of what you’re eating. When your skin breaks out, it’s a message to you to watch what you  eat a little more carefully.

You want to put good things in your body. It’s part of loving yourself.


Get enough sleep every night. It’s going to help you both emotionally and physically, but you also need to get enough sleep so you can have good skin. For some tips on this, check out our article on maintaining a good sleep schedule.

Sleep doesn’t mean just getting enough sleep though. You also want to make sure your pillowcases are clean and you aren’t sleeping in a dusty room. If you sleep with dirt and dust, it’s going to get in your skin.

Have a regime

Come up with a regime of what you’re going to do. Everyone’s skin needs different things, but you need to know what your skin needs. 

Depending on the time of year, your regime might change. In the winter, focus a little more on hydration than you normally do. Your climate and skin types are going to change what products you use. 

Have some sort of plan for what you’re going to do every night and what you’re going to do every morning. Cleansing is important, and so is clearing up your skin. 

All of this to say, you don’t want to use too many products. If you do, your pores can become clogged and it can be very rough on your skin. 


You want to moisturize at least twice a day. If it’s a drier season, you should moisturize even more often than that.

Moisturizing is extremely important, so make sure you have a good product for this. 

Face masks

Face masks can be your number one best friend, but you also need to know what kind of face masks are going to be best for you. 

Different face masks have different purposes, so choose your face masks carefully. Although peel off masks can be more fun, sometimes using a clay or mud mask might be more helpful. 

These can be your best friend, but you can’t use them every single night. My recommendation is to use them once or twice a week, but not much more often with that.

You can overuse face masks, and if you do, they’re going to become less effective and could potentially hinder your skin.

Make smart decisions

Overall, you just want to be smart about your skin. Check the products for any known allergens, and test the products on a small portion of your skin, and probably not on your face, before you use it.

Follow the directions for all of your products. Don’t leave a face mask on for too long, and don’t use too much of a product. 

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