A Beginner’s Guide to Dealing with Insecurities

By Elena and Lily

Everyone is plagued with insecurities. Whether they be about our personal appearance, or if they are about our personalities, it’s important to learn how to deal with them, and learn how to accept them as a part of ourselves. Insecurities will always be a part of us, but it’s up to us to learn how to love ourselves despite having them, and knowing how to rise up from them. No one is perfect, but that’s what makes us beautiful.

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Acknowledge them

The first thing you need to do with your insecurities is acknowledge they exist. To deal with something, you have to first acknowledge them. Don’t live in denial, because then the insecurities are just going to build up and get worse.

This doesn’t mean standing in front of the mirror nitpicking at every part of yourself, or saying “I am bad at this so I just won’t do it.” You have to acknowledge them, and use this acknowledgement to proactively work at self betterment. 

Instead of just acknowledging your insecurities as flaws, acknowledge that you have them, and that you can find ways to overcome them, and love them. 

Don’t ignore them and let your insecurities gnaw away at you. By not acknowledging your insecurities, you’re going to still have them, but you won’t be able to learn how to overcome them. 

Don’t let them define you

Just because you acknowledge them, doesn’t mean you let them define you. Accept that they exist, but don’t let them overcome you. 

You are made up of strengths and weaknesses, just like everyone else. There is always gonna be someone better, prettier, faster, strong. But don’t let your shortcomings define you. Let what you love about yourself lead you, and if your insecurities pop in the way, learn to love them too. 

Focus on the good things

What’s going to help you with not letting your insecurities define you is by focusing on your strengths. You want to focus on the good things. 

Something you can do to help this is to make a list of 3 things every morning that you love about yourself. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the negatives and try to alter yourself to avoid being in a situation where an  insecurity is present, but instead of letting that insecurity hold you back from being yourself, be proud and flaunt your insecurities instead of letting them hinder you. 

Self Love

We’ll say this again and again: Don’t let the negatives define you. No one is perfect, and everyone has positives and negatives. To learn more about how to love yourself, check out this article here.

Loving yourself is one of the most important things you can do, and it’s the number one way to fight against your insecurities. If you love yourself fully, that means you love both your positives and the negatives.

Don’t forget, all of your insecurities have at least one positive attached to them, so make sure you recognize the positives all your insecurities come with.

Build confidence 

Building confidence in your strengths AND WEAKNESSES is a great way to overcome your insecurities, we all have flaws, but they don’t have to be insecurities. 

 Become confident in what you can and can’t do, and take your perceived “flaws” and make them something beautiful. 

Once you build up your confidence you’ll be in a much better space to deal with your insecurities. You can build confidence by reminding yourself of your strengths, practicing to become better at what you’re insecure at, and just by loving yourself unconditionally. To get better at building confidence, check out our article here.

Talk to yourself as if you are a friend

How critical are you of your friends? Probably not all that critical, and if you are, you wouldn’t say it to their face. Be your own friend and don’t tell yourself you’re a terrible person over one flaw, or that you’re ugly because of a couple of pimples.

You accept the flaws in your friends. You probably love them for it, so treat yourself as if you are a friend. You focus on your own flaws, while all of your friends see the beauty in you. That’s wrong! Don’t do it! You must be a friend to yourself, and you must be true to yourself. True to all of yourself, the good and the bad.

Love yourself for your flaws, and love yourself for your positives, just like you love all your friends for both.

Talk to Friends 

A huge tip we have for dealing with insecurities is talking to your friends. Friends hype each other up. It’s a simple fact, and a true one.

Tell your friends your insecurities. They’ll be able to tell you exactly why those insecurities are such a small part of how everyone else perceives you, and they’re going to make you feel better about yourself, and better about your insecurities. 

Good friends will definitely hype you up, so remember this. If you’re ever feeling insecure, confide in a friend. They will show you how these insecurities do not define you.

Thank you so much for reading today’s article, and we hope you learned something to help you through your insecurities. If you did, please leave a like! If you have any more tips for dealing with insecurities, leave a comment down below. If you like our content, please follow our blog and subscribe to our rss feed. For more content, check out our social media pages and our patreon, which will be linked at the bottom. Stay safe, and as always, keep on overachieving!

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