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Starting the school year off right

By: Lily We’re back, and just in time for school to start! Being a senior in highschool this year I’d like to think my experiences in the last 12 years of my schooling have allowed me to pick up a few good tricks for starting off the school year strong and setting a good impression; … More Starting the school year off right

We’re back

Hi yall ! A lot has happened since we last posted and we just wanted to catch back up with you and recap some of the amazing things that’ve happened over our break ! This will be a short catch up and we’re excited to let you know what’s going to be coming in the future from us ! … More We’re back

A Beginner’s Guide to Cramming

Although cramming is not an effective way of studying, sometimes it is the only option. Especially if you’re taking a lot of AP tests this year, you’re probably going to have to cram for at least one of the tests. So, without further ado, here are some tips you can use this AP testing season! … More A Beginner’s Guide to Cramming

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