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Hi yall ! A lot has happened since we last posted and we just wanted to catch back up with you and recap some of the amazing things that’ve happened over our break ! This will be a short catch up and we’re excited to let you know what’s going to be coming in the future from us ! … More We’re back

A Beginner’s Guide to AP Foreign Language Tests

Some of the hardest AP tests are the foreign language tests, since there’s so many different sections to study for and so much to actually learn. You likely have somewhere between 4 or 5 years of this language under your belt, which should make the content a bit easier, but the foreign language tests are difficult to tackle. This year, I am taking AP French, so much of what I write in this post will be from what I learned from my AP French teacher, but it should be applicable to the other AP language courses as well. … More A Beginner’s Guide to AP Foreign Language Tests

How to Take Timed Test Productivly

For many, the hardest part of AP testing is the time limits. Similar to any standardised test each course has different set time limits in which you are expected to take the test. These time limits take what could be an easy test and make it extremely difficult. Even if you know every ounce of information for the course the time limit could still ruin you. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. By studying correctly and learning how to take the tests you can turn this monster into your friend, and pass with flying colors.  … More How to Take Timed Test Productivly

A Beginner’s Guide to AP History Tests

AP history courses are not the easiest to study for, but we have some amazing tips for you that we’ve either figured out on our own or were taught by our AP history teachers, one of which is an AP reader. Many of these study tips have helped me (Elena) get a 4 on the Covid-Freakshow-AP World History Test last year, as well as get many of our friends 5s.  … More A Beginner’s Guide to AP History Tests

A Beginner’s Guide to Studying for AP Tests

As AP testing season nears, we want to focus on posting guides to help you with studying for these tests, as well as helping you with some of the studying. Today, we’re going to go over some basic tips for studying and scheduling time to study. If you are looking for some study guides for some of your tests, we will be posting a few on our patreon, so sign up now to let us know which ones you would like us to complete first! … More A Beginner’s Guide to Studying for AP Tests

The Fear of Butchering Names

All of my life, I have had a 12 letter long Russian last name that everyone seems to struggle with pronouncing. I have heard of almost every possible pronunciation, but my least favorite of all is “I’m not even going to try to pronounce that!”, but this is also what I get most often from people I meet. Americans seem to have this strange fear of butchering names which is completely unreasonable.  … More The Fear of Butchering Names

A Beginner’s Guide to Trying New Things

Trying new things is something most people will agree is good, yet, it’s something that seems to happen so rarely. Oftentimes we become so sure of our likes and dislikes, our aspirations, and our way of life we forget there is a whole world out there waiting to change our perspective. I’ve found more often than not i’ve enjoyed trying new things, even if they’re terrible it’s (almost) always worth my time. However, stepping out of your comfort zone can also be scary, so here’s some tips on how to get out there and try new things to be your best self.  … More A Beginner’s Guide to Trying New Things

Women in STEM: The Achievements and the Struggles

With today being International Women’s Day, we wanted to make sure that we wrote an article about the contributions of powerful women in STEM fields, and how they have struggled. Since both of us are interested in STEM, we find it absolutely ridiculous that these fields are unjustly male dominated, and we wanted to bring light to that issue today. … More Women in STEM: The Achievements and the Struggles


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