We’re back

Hi yall ! A lot has happened since we last posted and we just wanted to catch back up with you and recap some of the amazing things that’ve happened over our break ! This will be a short catch up and we’re excited to let you know what’s going to be coming in the future from us !

Where were we

It’s been a few months since we last posted, and it has been a hectic few months at that. We ended the school year and started our summer with tons to do. We both had state and national debate tournaments to attend, finals to take, and a LOT of AP testing. It’s safe to say we haven’t had much of a real break until just now. 

Of course all the work led up right into a burn out, and we pushed the blog to the bottom of our lists for a while. Debate nationals just finished though and over this time we’ve been talking a lot about where we wanna go with our blog in the coming months !

We’ve missed posting a ton as we’ve been gone and over this time we’ve passed a whole year since we’ve started this blog ! We’ve been wanting to do something special to celebrate this milestone and you can expect that from a few posts in the future !

Coming Events and Articles

Over the summer, we’ve decided we wanna move away from a normal school year coverage of AP testing and surviving highschool and write some more political or break themed posts. We want to try out some new articles and see how they do ! Our goal will always be to inform and help our readers learn with us. And we wanna focus on that over the summer, hopefully we can introduce some of yall to some new ideas and let you see into our lives a little more as we showcase our hobbies outside of school. 

Getting back to posting has been a little difficult, but we are very excited ! We still have quite the packed schedules between summer classes, work, and college apps coming up so we will be posting just every Monday and Thursday over this summer.

You can also expect a podcast coming up after this summer ! We want to have a candid conversation about real world events and politics. Where we can discuss with you and between us how teens are feeling about the current world climate and share the ways we see the world. We’re currently figuring out some details with technology, but please feel free to leave a comment or contact us if there are any events or topics you’d like us to talk about in this podcast ! 

Thank you so much for reading our little catching up article ! We’re excited to get back to posting, so let us know what you want us to write about. If you have a message for us or enjoyed this article, please comment and like our post! Don’t forget to follow our blog if you like our content, and subscribe to our rss feed to get notified every time we post. For more content from us, check out our social media linked down below! 

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