Starting the school year off right

By: Lily

We’re back, and just in time for school to start! Being a senior in highschool this year I’d like to think my experiences in the last 12 years of my schooling have allowed me to pick up a few good tricks for starting off the school year strong and setting a good impression; so I’m here to share them with you all today! Starting school may be scary, but we’ve got your back, and if you do these few tricks, you’ll be all set. 

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Setting a good impression

Setting a good impression is critical. Each new teacher is going to have different expectations and meeting those in the first week is key. Each teacher should affect how you act in a classroom, so the key to that good impression is really reading the teacher. Listen closely within the first few days, figure out their rules and expectations, but furthermore, pay attention to how they react to other students. Do they prefer the students that talk a lot in class with big personalities or the ones who tend to sit quietly? 

Picking up on things like that are key to determining how you should act during the school year. Don’t compromise yourself, but, if you’re looking for some bonus points even your small actions are going to be key.

Along with knowing your teacher is important to make sure you’re getting all your work done at the beginning of the school year. Turning things in on time and paying a lot of attention is key during these first weeks. This is going to set you up for understanding the class, but also set you up for when your school load gets thougher and you might have to turn in a few late assignments. 

If you make a good impression as a student who does their work, when you miss a few during the semester your teachers are going to be more forgiving and lenient because they understand you’re a good worker and trust you. However, if you set yourself up badly, you won’t see such an understanding response. 

Get work done

Not only do you have to do this to set a good impression, but this is going to save your life when you get to the end of the semester. Your class load is going to get tougher and by the end of the semester you’re going to have more assignments that are also going to be a lot more difficult. 

Take advantage of the easier assignment and more time you have at the beginning and don’t let it pile up. These small meaningless assignments may be easy to make up at the moment, but when you’re studying for 7 finals and have tons piled up, it’s going to take a while, and put a lot of stress on you. 

Do it now so you don’t have to worry about it later. Setting yourself up for success is key. 

Find a friend

Especially in highschool, it feels awkward making new friends sometimes or like everyone already has one. But, if you’re in a class with no one you know, you’re going to need to make one! 

I guarantee someone else in that class will be feeling just as alone and confused as you might the first week, so band together. This person doesn’t have to be your new best friend or someone you even really talk to out of the class. But having that friend with you for that one period can entirely change your outlook on the class.

We all need something to look forward to in our days and maybe also a little class. And sometimes a friend can make that class something to look forward to. 

Change your schedule

This really only applies to the highschoolers out their, but if a class isn’t working for you, switch out of it. Being stubborn, their have been many classes I’ve stayed in and regretted. Maybe it hurt my performance because of stress, or I really just couldn’t work with the teacher. But shifting my class schedule probably could have saved me a lot of tears.

If you aren’t vibing with a teacher, maybe they are really overwhelming or maybe you just don’t learn the way they teach. Make that appointment with your counselor and find a better fit for you. Nothing is going to hurt you more than trying to learn in an environment you simply aren’t equipped to. So don’t be afraid to change it up \

If something is not working out, listen to yourself and fix it before it’s too late. 

Make good habits

The most important part of getting back to school and succeeding is preparing yourself right. All of our schedules get majorly thrown off after our long summer breaks, and your first priority should be building those good habits to get you back into the swing of the school year. Don’t wait till the end of the semester to get yourself together. 

Giving yourself a good sleep schedule and planning time to do your homework is key now at the beginning. That way when things get thrown your way, instead of being thrown completely off track and dissolving into nothingness, you have good habits that can carry you through the tough times. 

This doesn’t mean sticking to a rigorous schedule all year round, but at the beginning of the year, it’s important to set yourself up for success now. 

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