A Beginner’s Guide to Trying New Things

By: Lily

Trying new things is something most people will agree is good, yet, it’s something that seems to happen so rarely. Oftentimes we become so sure of our likes and dislikes, our aspirations, and our way of life we forget there is a whole world out there waiting to change our perspective. I’ve found more often than not i’ve enjoyed trying new things, even if they’re terrible it’s (almost) always worth my time. However, stepping out of your comfort zone can also be scary, so here’s some tips on how to get out there and try new things to be your best self. 

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com


Having confidence is key to all the following tips, so, it’s worthwhile to start here. The world can be scary, but not as scary as we often make it seem to ourselves. We all have the ability to try new things, big or small, but oftentimes it’s only ourselves holding us back.

Meeting new people, learning new things, seeking out new experiences all require confidence. We have to have confidence in ourselves first before we can step out of those comfort zones. And sometimes we have to let others lead the way in order to learn new things from them, something that’s challenging for a lot of people. 

Don’t pre decide your opinions

It’s very easy for us to decide how we’ll feel about something based on other experiences we’ve had, before even trying them. This is a trap that allows us to fall further into our comfort zones and further from new experiences. 

It’s easy to think that because snails look gross, they might taste gross. But, you really never know until you try! Oftentimes we get so set in creating a narrative around our lives, setting in stone what we like and don’t like, who we are and who we hate; however, this focus on who we are based on our past, can often hold us back from our future.

Think about what you want to do. Ask yourself why haven’t you done it? What are the real consequences? Try something new for a day, big or small, and even if you don’t like it. At least you know for the future! Just looking at something and deciding it’s bad isn’t a truthful way to judge anything. 

So don’t predict your opinions before you’ve experienced something, you may just surprise yourself! 

Listen to Others

Leading the way can be fun. Some of us enjoy being leaders and doing our own things. While you never want to let someone hold you back, you don’t want to ignore others ideas. Take a listen to others and maybe they’ll surprise you. 

Everyone around you has different experiences and stories to share. So take a listen and get inspired. If you’re unsure of something you know you want to do, but have been holding yourself back out of fear you’ll mess up or get lost and someone offers to lead the way. There is no reason to not take it. Give yourself up to the people around you and the new experiences they can offer. 

And get inspired by those around you too. Listen when someone talks about something that you think might sound boring at first, maybe you’ll realize you’ll wanna try it more than you think. Staying in your old world will do you new favors, get out there and start listening. They may surprise you. 

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