A Beginner’s Guide to Maintaining a Good Sleep Schedule

By Lily

Maintaining a good sleep schedule, Our schools have been telling us to get 8 hours of sleep every night while giving us 8 hours of homework for as long as I can remember. However impossible it is to get the full 8 hours, it is possible to maximize your sleep and feel more awake and ready by maintaining a simple sleep schedule. Whether you just wanna sleep better or you’re trying to get back on track after Corona messed up your schedule this article is for you. Here’s 5 tips, to create and keep a steady schedule.

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1) Go to Sleep at the Same Time 

Schedules can be unpredictable, however if you go to sleep at the same time every night, you’ll be guaranteed to fall asleep faster and rest better. It’s similar to the internal alarm that goes off when you wake up at the same time everyday. When you go to sleep at the same time it tells your body to get sleep and shut down. 

This is also a productivity tip, I’ve found this also helps you be more productive throughout your day. When you know you have to sleep at a certain time you want to get things done beforehand, instead of saying you can just do it later and not sleeping when it’s actually bedtime. 

At first with a busy schedule this could feel like a hard tip to follow, or maybe it’ll be hard to fall asleep at first. But once your body gets in the rhythm it should be no problem.

2) Get Your Work Done at Least an Hour Before Bed

A lot of us procrastinate our work until the last second. And that can be a problem if we also want to go to bed at the same time. I used to do all my homework at 1 am and then try to fall asleep right after. And oftentimes, even though I was tired, I wouldn’t be able to sleep for another hour or so after that because my brain was still so active. 

It’s important to get all your work done so you can spend the last few hours before bed unwinding and relaxing. If you’re stressed or thinking it’ll be 10x harder to fall asleep than if you’re just chill and relaxed. So stop procrastinating and start relaxing.

3) Know How Much Sleep You Need

Knowing how much sleep you need is crucial to getting to bed at a good time. While the recommended hours of sleep are always good to get, you don’t have to have a bad night’s rest just because you don’t get them. 

Go to bed and wake up at a time that you know will make you feel well rested and ready for the next day. All of our bodies have different needs and need various times of sleep depending on our activity level during the day and many other factors. 

Knowing yourself is the best way for you to get well rested, and make a schedule that you can maintain. 

4) Turn the Lights Off

I don’t mean just as you’re going to bed. We all know sleeping with the lights on is harder and probably isn’t the best for us. But I’ve found turning off the lights while I’m winding down about an hour before I go to bed helps.

If you need light try getting a softer light or just using a dim lamp, but try not to have one too bright and beating down. When you turn the lights off it’s gonna signal your brain that it’s about time to go to sleep, and you’ll get more tired. 

5) No Caffeine

I know we all love to have our morning coffees, and then maybe one or, two, or three… sodas throughout the day. But first off not only is soda not good for you, but caffeine is not it. If you want to get to bed at a good time, you need to stop drinking caffeine at least 5 hours before bed. 

I think this one is pretty self explanatory but, caffeine will only keep you up and throw off your ability to get to sleep. So stop drinking it for dinner every night, and maybe get some water.

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