A Beginner’s Guide to Avoiding Burn Out

By Elena and Lily

Burn out is a serious issue so many of us end up facing, especially in the midst of a pandemic, however you can learn to avoid it and deal with it. A burn out can take different forms, and can have different effects on your life, that Lily has already written about in this post. In this article, we’re going to go through some of the ways you can avoid burning out.

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Take a break

If you feel like you’re going to be burnt out soon, you absolutely have to take a break, if at all possible. Miss practice or a meeting for an extracurricular activity, or don’t take on something extra so you can focus on yourself.

Taking a break can mean anything, and can be as long or intense as you need it to be. You can talk to your teachers and see if you can get a lighter workload for a couple of days or even a couple weeks, or you can rest for a few hours after school or work one day to get your energy back up. 

I know it’s really hard or impossible to take a break sometimes. Whether it’s finals week or another unavoidable stressful time; you can always find a way to take a break even if it’s not exactly what you need. Even a short hour of a break to rest up and get your mind ready to work again can make the difference between you becoming burnt out for a month or thriving for the next year. 


Especially when trying to avoid burning out, you need to make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Make a commitment to yourself to get enough sleep to where you are at least mostly getting enough energy to do everything you want to.

You may be feeling like you have to stay up till 3 a.m. to get your work done, but sometimes you have to just stop and get your rest. Getting a good night’s rest can totally fix just about anything you’re stressing about. It allows you to feel healthier, more refreshed, and more prepared. It also allows you to be more productive throughout your day.

If you’re stressed and tired but fighting it to get one more assignment done. Take a nap, it’ll be there when you wake up and you’ll then be the best version of you to get it done. 

However we know this can be difficult, and it’s something you have to figure out for yourself, but it is doable. For some tips, check out this article.

Know your limits

To avoid burning out, you absolutely need to know how much you can do, and when enough is enough. If you know you can’t handle adding something to your workload, either don’t or take something else off.

If you surpass your limits, you’re just going to put yourself on the fast track into burning out. You need to understand when it’s time for you to step back for a minute so you can focus on what you need to, rather than constantly pushing yourself past your limits.

Remember, you’re only human, and like every human, you can only take so much. Don’t punish yourself or force yourself to go beyond your limits, because if you do, you’ll just dig yourself into a hole of burn out. Digging yourself out of burn out is much more difficult than trying to avoid it.

If you’re feeling just too stressed out to the point where you’re near tears, that’s a good sign that you’ve reached your limit and need to rest. However, if you can recognise your limits even before that point, you’re all set. 

Set your limits and take the needed breaks and rests you need to be able to get back on track. There is no point in pushing yourself; it will only lead you into the never ending cycle of burn out. Which is something you don’t need. 

If you’re struggling to know your limits leave us a comment down below and we’d be happy to write an article on how to know your limits. 

Keep track of your mental health

Another important aspect of avoiding burn out is keeping track of your mental health. Keep track of when you’re feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or feeling yourself slipping. When you keep track of your mental health, you’re also keeping track of how close you are to a burn out.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious quite often, that’s a sign that you’re approaching a burn out. Take into account what is making you feel this way, and try to take steps to mitigate these negative reactions.

Keeping your mental state healthy is extremely important at being able to avoid burn out. For some tips on managing anxiety, especially at school, check out this article. For some tips for stress management, click here

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7 thoughts on “A Beginner’s Guide to Avoiding Burn Out

  1. The one thing that seems to be my main cause of burn out is having to deal with complaints, like when you need to complain to a company about something. They can often drag on for months and then during that time you find you have to make complaints with other companies, that burns me out fast

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