A Beginner’s Guide to Starting School During a Pandemic

By Elena and Lily

As our schools plan their reopening plans, there’s a lot of wonderment going around. School isn’t going to be the same for a while. A lot of districts shouldn’t be opening, but are choosing to do so. We’re taking on this challenge to try and answer some questions you have about reopening school, and how you can do it safely.

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Learning Remotely

Even the districts that are opening are offering an option for students to decide to learn remotely, at least for some time. If you’re on the fence for learning remotely, how should you decide?

I would recommend that you should make a pros and cons list. Include absolutely everything you can; the measures your school is planning on taking, the difficulty of your classes, even what you’re feeling. Make sure you have a clear picture of what going to school versus staying at home will look like.

If the pros and cons list doesn’t help you decide, you can start learning remotely, and if you feel as though it is safe to go back to school at any point, contact your school and let them know you want to come back.

Find a workspace

Learning remotely can be difficult, so if you choose to do so, make sure you have a distraction-free workspace. Create a “school” space for yourself so that you can get yourself in the right mindspace. 

Your workspace needs to have a place to set your laptop, and additional workspace so you can take notes. Your phone should be put away, unless you’re specifically using it for your class (ex: calculator for math class).

Sleep Schedule

Try to keep your sleep schedule consistent, even if you’re staying at home. If you’re doing a hybrid version of returning, wake up every day at the same time you would if you were going to school. 

Consistency is key. If you keep switching it up, you’re going to have a lot of trouble getting up. Your sleep schedule needs to be consistent. If you want more advice on your sleep schedule, check out this article here.

If you’re staying at home, I would recommend to get up at the same time you would if you were going to school, especially if your school policy is that once cases are down, you have to go back to school. This will make it easier for you to transition back to school because you’ll be more used to losing those extra minutes of sleep. 

Be Safe

If you’re going back to school, make sure you’re being safe. Wear a face mask, or a few if you want. Keep your own bottle of hand sanitizer with you at all time. Stay as far away from people as you possibly can.

If your school lets you leave campus for lunch, do it, even if that means just sitting in your car. Lunch time is going to be the time where everyone gets infected – that’s pretty much guaranteed. Leaving campus is going to drastically decrease your chances of getting Covid-19. 

If you can’t leave campus, find some way to stay away from people. Staying away from people is going to allow you to stay safe, especially when you have to eat, with your masks off.

Take it Seriously

Seriously, a pandemic is a big issue. And just because our schools are reopening doesn’t mean that the problem is gone; far from it. Try not to hang out with people too closely. Wear masks whenever you should. 

If you don’t take it seriously, this pandemic is not going to end for a very, very long time. Vaccines are being developed, but in the meantime, people are still going to die, especially if you don’t take it seriously. A vaccine won’t get rolled out until the next year, at least.

Thank you so much for reading our article! If you have any more questions or suggestions, let us know in the comments or via the contacts page. If you liked this article, please leave a like and subscribe to our rss feed. Stay tuned for our next article from Lily on Wednesday about animal rights.

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