A Beginner’s Guide to Building Confidence

By Elena and Lily

Confidence isn’t easy. Especially as a tween or teen just trying to survive school, confidence can seem impossible. Confidence doesn’t just appear one day, it’s something you have to work at and build over time. But, confidence is one of the most important things you can have. Whether you’re trying to gain confidence in just one place or you’re starting from rock bottom, this article is for you. Here are 5 main tips to building confidence. 

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Pep Yourself Up

You are amazing. You can do this. You are smart. You are beautiful. You are confident.

Remind yourself that! It may sound stupid but I promise it works. Before a big presentation, something you’re nervous for, or just before you leave the house in the morning. Look in the mirror and say “I am amazing” “I am strong” “I am beautiful” ect. It really works! 

Remind yourself of your good traits, of your achievements. And immediately I promise you will enter the rest of your day with a little bit more confidence. We spend so much time in the mirror, terrorizing ourselves down, picking apart the parts we don’t like. That, obviously, makes us feel bad. And when we do the opposite, that makes us feel good. 

You can also make a list. Write down your achievements, your strengths, write yourself a reminder to love yourself. And look at that when you’re feeling weak, worried, and ugly; as a reminder that you are better than you believe. When you say it enough you start to believe it. 

Have good friends

A good way to build confidence is to have friends that support you. Good friends will hype eachother up, and having friends that hype you up will help you build confidence.

Having friends that bring you down won’t help you build confidence as toxic friends will only make your confidence worse.If you want to build confidence, you should surround yourself with people that will help you do that instead of people who will make you feel worse about yourself.

When you surround yourself with good friends, you will start to follow some of those habits and will be able to build confidence as you will start to feel better about yourself because you become a better person as a result.

Know Your Worth

This is key to not only building confidence, but maintaining it. If you work hard at something, if you know what you’re doing, you will be more confident in it. So never doubt yourself. 

Even if you fail. Maybe you lose a competition, or things just don’t go how you wanted. Don’t ever let that be a reason to shake your confidence. You can healthy reflect and improve on what happened, without ruining your self esteem. If you worked hard at something, and you know what you’re doing, never let yourself forget that. 

Practice, practice, practice

The best way to gain confidence is by practicing. By doing the things that you have no confidence in. Until you realize, wait, you can do this. Sometimes it can be hard, and scary. Doing something you don’t feel good about and are worried about will never seem easy. But, if you give yourself a push, and keep working at it. You’re already on the way to improvement, and confidence.

This is also where knowing your worth comes in the most. When you’re doing something and pushing yourself, it’s bound to not always turn out perfectly. But you have to keep going and healthily learn from your mistakes. You doing it, already proves you can. You won’t fail every time. So don’t let this stage make your confidence shatter. Instead learn and improve, until you reach a point where your confidence can’t be shook. 

Fake it Till You Make it

I’m sure you hear this all the time, but it’s a fact. It’s the way you push yourself to do all the things I said above. Confidence doesn’t just come overnight. But the minute you make the choice to just do it. To go for it. To walk in the room with a smile and tall posture. To be confident. You’re already halfway there. 

I have gone into presentations, competitions, my day with my head high. Even when just minutes before I had wanted to cry and quit. And not a single person ever believed I wasn’t confident, that I didn’t know what I was doing. And the minute I started doing the thing that was so terrifying, I was confident. I knew what I was doing, and I was doing well. 

When you smile, you can trick your brain into thinking you’re happy. And you’ll automatically be happier. It’s the same with confidence. If you pretend to be confident enough, other people will believe you are, and so will you. 

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