Why You Should Dye Your Hair at Home and How To

By Lily

So, you wanna dye your hair at home. I’m assuming by now you’ve read countless articles telling you what a bad idea it is, countless professionals telling you to just go to the salon. But, the price at the salon is hundreds of dollars, and quite frankly, having your hair done isn’t half as fun as doing it by yourself. So i’m here to tell you, GO FOR IT! Dye your hair, have a blast. But first, make sure to do everything on this list, so you don’t end up in a hair fails compilation. 

Do your Research

This may be the most important part. Don’t skip it! Although you right now reading this article is already a step in the right direction. 

Research is important to make sure you’re getting the right products for your hair, you’re dyeing it safely, and you’re not making any big mistakes. If you’re serious about having good results, you can’t just stop at the drugstore, pick up your average box dye, and glob it all over your head. Before I dyed my hair for the first time, my friend and I did research for months. We pulled pics of hair for inspo, read countless articles, watched countless videos, and looked at bunches of different dyes. Not only was this research fun and inspiring, but without it we probably would have melted our hair off.

Lucky for you, by reading this article you’ve already done half the battle! Just don’t forget to make sure you’re getting the best products for your hair also. 

Get the Right Products

After you’ve found the products you need, you have to get them. And I’m telling you now, NO box dye. NO drugstore lightener products. Go to your local beauty supply store, and get the real stuff. Professional hair dyes are what you want to use. Get the developer, your bleach, your dye and don’t be afraid to spend a little more than you had hoped on it. Your hair is an investment, and it’s still way cheaper than the salon. 

Another big part of this is getting the right type of dye. If you get permanent, be ready to commit. But if you’re not there yet, make sure you’re getting a semi or demi permanent dye. Also make sure you’re getting the right brand, get something you trust from all the research you’ve already done. Don’t just pick a random dye, they’re not all created equal.

Use Proper Tools

While at your local beauty store, you’ll also want to pick up a mixing bowl, the right hair dye brush, and some gloves. Don’t skip out on these! Especially if you’re using bleach or a permanent dye. Not wearing gloves is not the move. I don’t care how many youtube videos you watched of people laughing at their stained hands, just wear some gloves. 

Also don’t skip the brush. I know everyone online is just clumping their hair together and painting it on with their hands, and sometimes that works, and a lot of times they end up with a splotch of their old color in the mix. Apply evenly and use the brush, your results will be 10x better. ESPECIALLY if using bleach.

Read the Directions

Again so important. Directions come with the dye for a reason, there is a way that the product they made should be used for good results. And if you throw them out and get bad ones, that’s on you. Pay attention to the dye to developer ratio especially, and also the time to keep it on. Depending on how processed your hair is and what results you want, you may modify the time a little. But if you’re going to do this, know your hair and how much it can take. Never go too far over and always take the time to read the directions. ESPECIALLY IF USING BLEACH! I’m all for bleaching your hair at home, but read the directions, please. 

Take Care of your Hair

This is the most important part of the process. When you dye your hair and it looks amazing, chances are you’ll join the people like me who never want to stop dying it and trying new things. But make sure you know your hair and its health before dying. 

If you’re investing in bleaching and dying it will dry out and be damaged. Make sure you’re getting the right conditioners and even hair masks to make sure your hair stays hydrated and gets repaired. There are too many videos of peoples hair melting off after over processing a little too far, don’t be one of them. I’ve bleached and dyed my hair multiple times in a year, and it’s always stayed relatively healthy, because I’ve taken care of it and know it’s limits. 

You can’t avoid damage completely if you’re dying your hair. But you can take good care of it before and after to keep your hair shiny, soft, and most importantly on your head. 

Have Fun

If you’ve followed these steps then just go for it and have fun! Your hair color is an expression of yourself as much as your clothes or your makeup is. It’s a way to have fun, to let out stress, to make a change. There are so many colors and so many options, don’t limit yourself. Just go for it, don’t let the crabby hairdresser who wants your money or that one person who didn’t follow directions and their hair melted off stop you from dying your hair. And no matter what, it’s just hair, it’ll grow back. So, take a risk, and have some fun with it.

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