The 10 People on Every Team: and How You Can Get Along

By Elena and Lily

A team can become just like a family. There’s someone you might consider to be like a weird uncle, a ruthless sister, or even a parent-like figure of the team. When you spend a lot of time with people, you end up seeing a lot of different parts of them. Sometimes those different sides may be difficult to deal with, but luckily for you, we decided to put together a guide on how you can maintain a good relationship with them.

Disclaimer: This is not meant to be offensive in any way. We just took some stereotypes and applied them to various people on the team. Furthermore, none of the personas are gender exclusive.

Image: Kyle Pham

1. The Nice Friend

The nice friend is by far the easiest to deal with. Just be friends with them! We can never surround ourselves with too many nice people.

Sure, sometimes being around super nice people can get annoying, but just suck it up and be friends with them. The nice friend has a kind soul and will be your friend no matter what. Just be a good person back to them. It’s better to be friends with the nice friend rather than to hang around a mean one.

The nice friend is someone who is caring, and is the type of person you want to surround yourself with. They’re hard to come by sometimes, but I promise almost every team has one. Although the nice friend differs in groups and might be hard to pick out, look closely and treasure this person.

2. The Weird Uncle

Teams often have weird personas, or “the weird uncle” which can be fun sometimes, but not always. There’s a couple different types of weird uncles, and we’ll take you through how to deal with the various types.

The first type is the cool weird uncle. The cool weird uncle is the weird one, who is actually pretty fun to hang around. Be as friendly with this person as you want, just remember that sometimes it’s best to not encourage some of their antics. Sometimes, it might be best to give the cool weird uncle some space to calm down.

The second type is the actually really weird uncle. This person may be fun to hang around sometimes, but other times you may want to run for your life. Don’t worry, they’re probably just kidding when they say weird stuff. The best way to remain on good terms with the actually really weird uncle may be to either remain acquaintances with them, or to be friends with them. Often, the actually weird uncles may just be going through some issues, and being weird helps them get through it.

3. The Mom 

Everybody loves the mom. They’re the person on the team who loves and cares for everyone, and let’s be honest without them we’d all be dead.

Yes, the mom can be naggy sometimes. Always telling you to drink more water or ice your ankle everytime it hurts; they can get a little annoying at times, but you know they always have your best interest at heart. 

They’re the kind of person you meet and they can easily become one of your closest friends. Chances are they’ll approach you and as long as you’re nice to them they’ll be the sweetest person you’ve ever met. 

The mom is a nearly avoidable figure for every team and easily the most kind person on this list. Treasure this person because their loving and caring nature isn’t something that deserves to be tested.

4. The Dad 

Ah the dad. They may tell corny jokes, or may nag you in a dad like way, but ultimately you love them. Sure, they may be a little overprotective of the group at times, but the dad of the team has your back, and you can count on them.

Although they may be the dad, don’t treat them like your dad. They’re still a team member, and they’re still (probably) your friend. The dad is someone you can trust, and they’re someone who will be an amazing friend. 

Sometimes, the dad of the team might be confused with the weird uncle, and although they probably let their wild side out with the weird uncle, they are more responsible than the weird uncle. However, if the weird uncle is the creepy weird uncle, you won’t have any trouble distinguishing the dad from the weird uncle.

5. The Dramatizer 

There’s always someone on the team who wants a little more drama. Chances are you are (or were) friends or acquaintances with this person, and it should stay that way. 

The dramatizer can be fun to hang around and a good addition to the team, but oftentimes they never have that many close friends. That’s probably best for both of you. The dramatizers collected so much tea over the years that you never know what situation they’re gonna blow up, and who could be the target. 

If not starting their own drama, the dramatizer is an expert at inserting themselves into every small feud or competition. Their relentless efforts to make drama can be very annoying in this aspect but if you politely tell them to go away, chances are they will. 

When the dramatizers are not after some drama they can be a fun friend to hang around though. They seem to know everything before anyone else and never want to stop sharing their juicy gossip. If you’re friends with this person, just remember, don’t tell them your secrets.

6. The Detached One

Sometimes there’s someone on the team who doesn’t seem to fit in, or seems to be detached from the overall group. This can be for various different reasons, however being this person can get difficult, which is why you should try to help the detached one get into the overall group.

The detached one may seem like they might not be very much fun, however once you get to know them, you won’t be able to imagine your life without them. More often than not, the detached one is just more of an introvert, but this doesn’t mean they should be excluded from the group.

Make a conscious effort to befriend the detached one, and make sure they feel comfortable in the team. You wouldn’t want to be excluded, so don’t exclude others.

7. The Couple

You probably have two people come to mind instantly. The two people who call each other baby and talk in the back more than they actually play. Ya that’s them. 

Chances are you used to be friends with one of them, until they met the other. Now neither of them are approachable as they hang out in their own little world with each other. This couple can be a very annoying addition to the team, especially if there’s a lot of PDA involved. Luckily, they probably don’t wanna bother you except to show off how perfect their relationship is, and you mostly never talk to them. 

The worst part of having these people on the team is the breakup. The Couple can’t last; they’re relationship is so extra and pristine that one problem will make it all fall apart. Luckily for everyone, once the couple breaks up chances are they’ll move past their differences and be civil, and your whole team will be able to hang out and make friends with two actually really cool people.

8. The Actual Sibling

When you’re on a team, you may be (un)lucky enough to have your actual sibling on the team as well. If you get along with your sibling, this may not be difficult, but if you don’t, you have to remember that at the end of the day, you are on a team together and you love each other.

Try to get along with them as best as you can, at least in terms of the team. You don’t want to sabotage yourself by bringing in outside drama onto the team, and fraction up the group just because you can’t be mature enough to work with your sibling.

What we recommend is to talk to your sibling and create boundaries in terms of the team. Make sure you know what your sibling is comfortable with and what you’re comfortable with. Agree to keep your squabbles separate from your team. You know your siblings, and if you work together, it could ultimately be great for the team dynamic.

Sometimes, it can be hard when your sibling outshines you. When this happens, remember your successes aren’t equivalent to your success over your sibling. For more tips on this, please check out the article A Beginner’s Guide to Living in Someone’s Shadow which will be coming to our blog on July 30th, and will be posted on our patreon in advance.

9. The Competitive One

There’s no question that you know exactly who this person is. The one who’s annoyingly pushing everyone to win. Not only that, they’re always competing against everyone on the team. You may want to scream at the competitive one that you’re supposed to be working together, but trust me, that won’t work.

The competitive one doesn’t always realize the boundaries between their own team and others, so just help them out and make sure they know you’re on the same side. Remind them they have to work with you, not against you. They’ll still be competitive in nature, but their efforts will be put to better use in competing with the other teams rather than with you.

The competitive one may seem annoying, but they’re likely only that competitive due to insecurities. Show them their self worth isn’t dependent on who they are in comparison to others, but that they’re amazing on their own. 

10. The Karen

We all know Karen, and chances are you’re not a fan of them. 

Karen thinks they’re the best and wants you to know it. Karens the coaches favorite, and in turn thinks they’re the coach. The Karen loves to go around telling you why what you’re doing is wrong and worse and trying to give you tips to show up how much better they think they are at everything. The Karen, because of their ignorance to them being any less than perfect, is probably one of the weakest members of the team. 

You may not want to hang out with the Karen but the dramatizer does. The Karen and the daramtizer could hang around all day talking about all the gossip they’ve heard, but they’re frenemies more than friends. You don’t want to be around when they hit a disagreement and if you’re close to either, you will hear them complaining about the other behind their back, which is The Karen’s specialty.

The Karen isn’t your best friend but, like everyone, they do have their redeemable traits. So if you find yourself in an honest conversation with them, try to find out a little more. Maybe they’ll surprise you.

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