10 Teachers in Your School and How to Deal With Them

By Elena and Lily

Some teachers can be extremely hard to deal with, while others may be easier. We’ve come up with a comprehensive list of the different teachers you’re going to have, and different ways how you can approach them and deal with them.

Disclaimer: This is not meant to be offensive in any way. We just took some stereotypes and applied them to various teachers and offered some advice on how to deal with some of these stereotypes. 

Photo by Christina Morillo on Pexels.com

1. The funny teacher 

One of our favorite teachers to have, the funny teacher. The funny teacher is always there to brighten your day and their class is never boring. 

The funny teacher can have many variations, and sometimes they think they’re funnier than they really are. But that’s ok, you’ll still appreciate them a lot.

Feel free to talk and be active in this class. If you don’t have a positive attitude going in, I promise you’ll have one on the way out. This teacher’s class is the perfect time to learn productively, be engaged, while still having a lot of fun.

2. The strict teacher

We’ve all had a handful of the strict teacher in our lives. You sit down in class and immediately know this will not be your favorite period. Your phones better be out of sight and your full focus better be on this class for every minute of it.

But don’t worry as long as you sit quietly and do what you’re told you’ll be fine. The work will probably be a lot and hard and, if you and your best friend are in the class together, you’d better be ready for some trouble…

3. The relatable teacher

We all have the teachers we feel as if they could be a classmate. You feel as if they’re really relatable and are overall a really fun teacher to have.

The relatable teacher tends to be more on the younger side, but that doesn’t mean one of your older teachers can’t be the relatable teacher. They quote memes, have meme-able moments, and know how to make the class a fun environment.

Although the relatable teacher is relatable and understands, they’re still a teacher that understands their job and wants to provide an education.

Have fun in this class. Crack some jokes, maybe even make some about the teacher. The relatable teacher is a gem, and you can likely get off with a lot more than with some of the other teachers. Still, make sure you get all of your work done on time and be a good student, because even though this teacher understands, there’s going to get fed up with you if you don’t tone it down a few notches.

4. The bully 

Some of us have been very unlucky and have had the bully teacher. They’re like the strict teacher, except they like to bully their students. They’ll make fun of kids ruthlessly, and act like an authoritarian figure in the classroom. Cross this teacher, and you will regret it.

Approach this teacher like the strict teacher, and don’t assign too much attention to yourself. You’ll have to adapt a lot more to this teacher, as different bullies will find different things and different kids to pick on. Watch this teacher’s moves, and avoid getting bullied by them as carefully as you can.

5. The overassigner

The name speaks for itself, this teacher assigns way too much homework. And by that I don’t mean one assignment a night, I mean 2,3,4, maybe even 6 assignments a night. WAY TO MANY. 

This teacher normally goes also with the strict teacher and expects you to get it all done, so expect to spend a lot of weekends catching up and if you have anything else going on after school, get ready to do some homework in the mornings and at lunch. 

Getting through this teachers class will be a struggle, so get a few friends to complain about their class with while doing homework. Do your best and you’ll be ok. Just don’t turn anything in late….

6. The teacher-friend

We’ve all had teachers that seem to want to be your best friend. They think they’re the relatable teacher, but in reality they’re just the annoying version that won’t leave you alone. They’ll ask you questions every day, some of them might seem like they’re prying into their personal life. 

Depending on the teacher-friend, you may want to be friends with them, you might not. Our recommendation would be just to be polite. If you want to be friends, you can engage a little bit more. If not, just respond politely, and give just as much information as you feel comfortable.

7. The aggressive teacher

The aggressive teachers are few, but they exist. They might tip you over in your desk, or pretend (key word: pretend) to hit or throw something. Most aggressive teachers just do it as a joke, but you still might want to keep your distance.

Depending on the teacher, you might be able to joke around in the class, even make fun of the teacher a bit and still get an A. Sure, the teacher might point some of this aggression at you, but they won’t actually hurt you.

Be careful around this teacher, and learn to read when you should shut up and sit back. Do your work, and on time, as this teacher can be quite scary sometimes. You’ll get through it though, as most aggressive teachers aren’t necessarily as aggressive as they come off. 

8. The wise teacher

There’s always a couple of teachers you have that make you wonder where they get their wisdom from. The wise teacher seems very disorganized and all over the place, but in reality, their class makes the most amount of sense because the wise teacher knows how to explain things clearly, though it may take you a couple of weeks to really understand this teacher.

Pay attention in the wise teacher’s class; you’ll learn a lot, and participation is important. The wise teacher wants to pass on wisdom, and you’d be a fool to snooze. Do your work, turn in everything. This teacher will teach you more than all of your other teachers combined. 

9. The Teacher 

This teacher is just a teacher. Maybe once in the future you’ll remember Mr. __ who taught history one insignificant semester.

Chances are this is a decent teacher, you’ll get a decent grade in their class. They’re friendly but you have a clear teacher student dynamic at the same time and you probably won’t remember much from their class at the end of the year. 

This teacher just wants you to do two things: hand in your work and be quiet. Do those and you’ll be fine. 

10. The “Teenage” Teacher

This teacher is either about to retire or just out of college and wants to be more part of your class than the teacher. Similar to the teacher-friend or the relatable teacher, however, this teacher isn’t really relatable. They just think they are. 

This teacher wants to spend more time in class talking about the football game than actually teaching the work, and sadly you’ll end up with homework from that at the end of the day and you probably didn’t get enough work done in class to know what it means. 

Be friendly with this teacher but not too friendly. The more you and the class egg them on the more time you’ll waste with a teacher who doesn’t really wanna teach. At the same time, if you’re not friendly the teacher probably won’t care for you much and this could affect your grade in the class. 

If you can figure out how to act around this teacher, you can normally get a good grade in this class though, just do your best. If you want more advice on understanding how to get along with your teachers, check out this article on reading your teachers here.

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