Elena’s Year of 2020

By Elena

The past year has been full of ups and downs. It was by far one of the most and least eventful years there have been, due to a number of factors and in a lot of different ways. Personally, I’ve seen a lot of growth in myself over the past year, as well as some ways that I could definitely have more improvement in, which is why I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past year.

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If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you would know that debate is something that is extremely important to me and something I love to do.

My 2019-2020 season of debate was not entirely successful, as I would go 2-3 or 3-2 at every tournament and would never break. However, I still made the postseason team, which means I was going to go to national qualifiers (aka nat quals) and to state. 

At nat quals, I broke for the first time since being in varsity, which was a really big deal for me, however I did not qualify in the event that I normally do, which is Lincoln-Douglass.

Due to Covid-19, state got cancelled so I don’t know how well I would have done there. 

I ended up applying to go to Nationals (aka Nats) in World Schools Debate, which is a different form of debate, and I ended up making the team, so I did end up going to the 2020 virtual Nats tournament, which was a very interesting experience.

Starting the season that we’re currently in now, I have broken at every single local tournament that I’ve competed at except for 1, and have been doing fairly well on the national circuit, given that the competition is a lot tougher this year since it’s all online. 

Dance and Baton


We didn’t end up finishing out our last season for dance, once again due to Covid, but we did have a couple of competitions we went to last year.

Due to a lot of factors, including the pandemic and my busy school schedule, I ended up deciding not to compete in dance this year. This was a very difficult decision for me to make, but I know in the end, I would have been so much more stressed out this past year if I hadn’t decided to do this.


Just like dance, my last season ended up being cut short, with many competitions getting cancelled. Honestly, I’m not sure where everything stands with baton now and how or if I will compete this year, but it’s something I still love doing.

My Internship

Some of you might know that I had an internship over the summer, which was entirely virtual. I have posted an article on our patreon with my experience in the internship, and I will also be posting some tips on getting an internship soon.

My internship taught me so much, and I’m very grateful to have been able to do. 


I ended off sophomore year still holding onto my unweighted 4.0 GPA, and got 4s on all the AP tests I took, which were Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, and World History. 

This year, I ended up losing the unweighted 4.0 GPA, largely due to being full remote for a quarter while most people were doing a hybrid model of school, and I ended up getting 2 B+s this past semester. Despite this, I am still very proud of how I finished off the semester, since I am taking 5 AP classes on top of everything else that I do.


I also started blogging this year, which was extremely exciting and something I’m very happy to have started doing. 

We will also be posting a brief overview of our achievements on our blog later during this week of every day posts!

Thank you so much for reading a short overview of what I can remember from this past year! Although I’m sure there’s stuff I’ve missed and things I’m forgetting, this year has been wild, especially with the pandemic going on and everything that Junior year brings. As always, stay safe and keep on overachieving, and don’t forget to check out our social media linked down below!

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