A Beginner’s Guide to Studying for Standardized Tests Over Break

By Elena

Knowing that you have a lot of standardized tests to take in the spring semester often means you want to use your winter break to study for them. This isn’t always easy, especially after getting burnt out from the previous semester, however it’s something very important for you to do if you want to be as successful on your tests as you want to be. Preparing for a standardized test is not easy, but with the proper tips and tricks, you can be sure to get to a point you’re happy with.

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Make a plan

Starting out, you want to make a plan of what you’re going to study, when you’ll study, and how. This means you want to take into account how much time you have and what you have to do.

Depending on how much time you have and how much studying you’ve already done, your plan may differ. If you’re closer to your testing date and you’ve already done a lot of studying, you might want to mimic the testing day experience entirely, however if you’re more new, it might be a better idea for you to just do small sections and learn how to do each of the problems and learn the tips.

Everyone studies differently, and thus everyone’s plan is going to end up being different. So, you need to take this into account when making your plan. The plan that your peers may make won’t be the same as yours, so make sure to make the plan to be as effective as it can be for you.

Get it out of the way

Try to do your studying first thing, or you’ll be much less likely to actually do the studying, as you’ll be much more prone to procrastination.

Also, doing it near the beginning of your break means that you’ll be able to have more time later on to do the fun stuff you want to. If you don’t, you’ll spend most of break thinking about what you aren’t doing rather than what you are doing, and you just won’t enjoy yourself.

Also, if you get it done early, you’ll be more likely to get to your goal, rather than end up getting nowhere near where you want to be by the end of break since you left yourself with no time. 

Know your weaknesses

The biggest part in taking a standardized test is knowing what you aren’t good at, as this is what you need to work on the most in most cases. These weaknesses don’t have to tank your overall score, but they are critical in your understanding of how to prepare for the test.

Knowing your weaknesses is more than just knowing what you aren’t good at, or what sections of the test you need to improve. It’s also knowing which specific problems you need to learn how to do and why they are your weak points.

Study with friends

Some ways that you can make studying for standardized tests less grueling is if you study with friends. Either take a test or portions of a test together, or you can indulge in some friendly competition.

You can also work together to figure out how to solve some of the problems, especially since many standardized tests are simply learning how to take the test. 

Studying with friends is going to make this entire experience much more enjoyable for you, and can be a great way to help with motivating you, as friends usually know the best ways to push each other and know how to make each other better. 

Don’t get overwhelmed

Although you might have a lot to do, you shouldn’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Make sure you still spend time enjoying yourself and don’t get to a point where you’re even more burnt out by the end of break than you were at the beginning. This is a break, after all.

Don’t be upset if you don’t get to the point where you want to be if you don’t get there, and make sure you take breaks. Getting overwhelmed isn’t going to help you achieve your goals, and there’s plenty of ways that you can deal with your anxieties

Being overwhelmed is just going to end up hurting you, and it’s going to prevent you from actually getting to where you want to be. 

Some ways you can achieve this is by taking breaks, set goals you know you can achieve, and do things you enjoy doing. These are going to help you stay grounded in yourself and keep you from getting overwhelmed with yourself. 

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