A Beginner’s Guide to Staying Fit

By Elena

Whenever the season starts up again, your coach is probably going to be rather disappointed in you. It’ll be apparent right away how you spent off season. It always is, and putting off getting back in shape is just going to make the next season harder for you, but not if you read this article and follow these steps.

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The first step is to commit. Tell yourself right now “I’m going to stay fit during this break.” Write it down somewhere you’re going to see every single day if that will help you.

Unless you make a commitment to yourself that you will follow through and stay fit, you will bail out in less than a week. Staying fit during the off season isn’t going to happen if you continue to put it off and tell yourself you’ll do double the work another day. Between you and me, you definitely won’t, so don’t lie to yourself.

I know just how easy it can be to slack off during a break, however I always try my best to come into the next season on a high, and part of the reason why I can is because I commit.

Get a Buddy

To help yourself commit, enlist a buddy to help keep you accountable. Your friend might do the work with you, or they might just be someone who’s going to help motivate you.

Doing any type of work is much more fun when you have a comrade with you because you can make it fun. You can compete with them, or just joke around a little bit while you do the work to stay fit.

Because we are in a pandemic, I would recommend either having a buddy that you’re quarantining with, or video chat with someone. However, once the pandemic isn’t an issue anymore, you can choose anyone you want to be your buddy.

Reward yourself

Did you know you’re 2 times more likely to follow through if you have a reward? Not really, I just made that number up, but it’s true; you’re more likely to follow through if you have a reward. 

Rewards come in all different shapes and sizes, however they all have something in common: motivation.

Come up with a plan 

You won’t get anywhere if you don’t come up with a plan. You don’t have to plan out a lot, but you should at least know what kind of exercises you’re going to do on a particular day and have a pocket of time which is parceled off for training.

You can plan as much or as little as you want, you can write it down or keep it in your head, but you need to have at least an idea of what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it. 

If you don’t have any sort of plan, all you have is an empty promise you made to yourself. I’m not here to tell you whether or not you should lie, however I will tell you that you can’t lie to yourself. If you’re going to tell your mom that it was your little sister who ate the last cookie, go ahead, but don’t tell yourself it was her when you know fully well that cookie was snatched up by you.

Watch your progress

Have some sort of measurement you can use to notice progress you make. If you see you’re progressing, you’re going to get more motivation to keep going. If you don’t, you might feel like you’re stuck in the same spot, even when you are getting better.

Yes, the progress won’t happen the next day, however it will happen if you keep at it, and it will keep on happening if you notice it.

Some progress is still progress, and I guarantee you’re getting better than everyone else who isn’t using off season productively. If you come back even just a little bit better, people are going to notice. You’ll be at your best while everyone else is wallowing at their worst.

Go to the practices

I understand a lot of practices aren’t currently happening because of Covid-19, however during non-pandemic times, there’s usually some sort of practice that’s going on that you can attend. Sometimes it might be a class, or just a weight lifting session, but anything will be beneficial.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to an off season class, and I’m the only one there. Sometimes there might be a couple more people, but either way this is time you can have with your coaches where the teacher to student ratio is a lot more preferable. 

Going to these practices are going to be a lot more fun than you realize and you’re going to get a lot closer to some of your coaches. Overall, there’s nothing to lose by going to the practices, especially if you’re trying to stay fit.

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