Socialization and Quarantine: an Extraverts Struggles

By: Lily

It’s been almost a year since my state went into a full blown quarantine. As we’ve been approaching March my peers around me have all been mentioning this revelation. How did a thing many people were riding off as “not even as bad as the flu” send us into this full blown lockdown? As an American a lot of my country was not a fan of safety during this pandemic, something that has prolonged the amount of time we spend in quarantine; but that is not the conversation for today. As an extroverted person with strict parents quarantine has been a wild struggle here are my thoughts balancing socialization and safety!

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The Beginning

March 2020 just after spring break we went into a full quarantine. I wasn’t allowed to leave my house for any reason and I very quickly began to struggle. I am a person who needs social interaction and I was slowly going crazy locked in my own house.

My parents and sister could only entertain me for so long and they, being very introverted people, couldn’t understand my needs. For them quarantine was heaven where they could thrive alone, for me however it was hell. 

Despite my struggles I also recognised how important quarantine was. People were dying and I couldn’t bear the possibility I could catch Corona and pass it to my loved ones. I knew I was doing what was right in staying safe. As someone with a lot of health problems that were particularly flaring up at this time I also didn’t want to risk catching corona. I always catch viruses in the winter extremely often and if I already have almost every single symptom of coronavirus I couldn’t imagine the struggle I’d have if I caught it.  

However the more months that passed the more restless I grew. I begged and begged my mom until she finally let me see one of my friends. Safely, of course, with masks on, socially distanced, and outside. Those few meetings were everything to me during this time.


As I got to see my friend more and more my parents and I both became more comfortable with me seeing her. Although I never broke the safety guidelines I was finally having the social interaction I needed. We would go on walks in the morning and spend all day at the park over the summer.

Eventually my mom let me add another friend into the mix! I was finally getting the small ounce of freedom I needed and being safe. It was a dream come true after my months in insolation. However, I still had anxiety over the possibility of catching corona. I still felt restricted by my fear. To some extent this was probably good in keeping me safe, but at times it was detrimental to my mental health. 


After a casual summer of seeing my one friend and another every once and a while it was time to go back to school. My school implemented the 50/50 system, where A day would go half of the week and B day would go the other. Of course the full zoom option was also available. Originally my parents wanted me to be a full zoom student but I begged them otherwise. Although I would still be missing half of my friends, some were better than none and I was correct in believing zoom learning would be a struggle for me. 

As we slowly became more comfortable with seeing people everyday it brought back a small portion of normalcy, and now my parents and I were both much more comfortable with my friend I saw, letting us hang out in her car and even have sleepovers with people. I began to go to small gatherings for birthdays and holidays again.

Although I had school and more friends to see now there were still many barriers. 


Even now seeing more people than ever before I feel more lonely than ever. Soon my school will be returning us to in school learning for the last quarter. I’m still scared for my health as it has been the worst it has been this year, but I also know I need to see people. 

I still feel alone, I miss hugs and seeing my friends faces and having fun with them in all the ways I used to. I will always prioritize safety for myself and others, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit quarantine has been a massive struggle for me. 

I don’t just want to see people, I need too. And being locked down has been impossible for me this past year. Balancing safety and socialization is something I still haven’t figured out perfectly, it’s a hard line to walk. As we grow closer and closer to “normal” I’m not sure how these feelings will change. 

I know this article is scattered and confusing at times but if you happen to be reading this and related at all, know you’re not alone. This pandemic is a challenge for all of us in many different ways. Taking care of not only your physical health but also your mental health is so important during this time, I hope some of you can relate to my struggles and hopefully find a way to balance your social life and safety. 

Thanks so much for reading this article! I normally avoid writing about myself but I only hope sharing my thoughts on this struggle might be something others can relate to! If you related to this and have any advice for others struggling feel free to leave a comment below, give us a like, follow our blog, and subscribe to our rss feed. for more posts about school and life advice! 

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