A Beginner’s Guide to Dealing with Burn Out

By Elena

By this point in the year and in the pandemic, a large majority of people are likely rather burned out. Everything seems to be droning on, even more so than usual when so much of our lives are spent over Zoom calls. But, although it’s easier to avoid burn out, many of us are often faced with having to face the dangers of burn out. So, here’s a few tips on how you can deal with burn out and get back on your feet!

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Understand the Issue

Yes, you’re burnt out. No, you can’t just ignore it. You have to actually understand how this is affecting you and what is even going on.

Understanding the issue may come in many different forms, but you have to actually learn about why you are putting yourself in a dangerous position and which issues you need to fix the most.

Check out our article Dangers of Burn Out for some information on how dangerous burn out can be and why it’s important that you stop it from getting worse.

Mental Health Day

Sometimes, you need to take a day or two off for a mental health day so that you can recuperate from your burn out. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, which means if you are burnt out, it’s just as necessary to take a day off as it is when you are sick.

Take a mental health day to catch up on all the sleep you’re so far behind on, or take a minute to just figure out some of the reasons why you’re burnt out and how you can fix it. Or, sometimes just taking a day to do nothing will help you actually deal with your burn out.

Don’t worry about your homework, or about any work you’re missing. That can all wait. You can’t. Nothing bad will happen from you taking just a day or two off from work, but it will only get worse if you don’t do anything about your burn out.

Confront Stressors

Stress can be a really big factor to burn out. The more stressed you are, the more likely you are to burn out. This means that to deal with your burn out, you might have to confront some of the stressors in your life and figure out how to best manage stress.

Figure out which stressors are stressing you out the most and which of them are contributing to your burn out the most. Figuring this out will help put you on the right track and put you in a position to actually become less burnt out.


For some people, venting can become a very easy way to effectively deal with burn out. Either calling one of your friends up or posting on your private Snapchat story can often be just a great way to actually decrease the amount of burn out you have and feel less alone, especially if your friends slide up with some of their own tips or if they just tell you they’re going through the same thing as you are.

Venting can be really effective since it helps you reconnect with others socially and also get some hard truths off of your chest. Admitting that you aren’t doing well or that you are beyond tired is often the first step to actually dealing with these sorts of problems.

Talking to others is how we deal with a lot of our issues, and how we come to terms with what’s going on in our lives and what we need to do to actually fix some key issues. People, even introverts like me, still need to talk to other people from time to time to get advice or to get help and that’s totally ok.

Sit and Think

Finally, one of the sure ways to deal with burn out is to just sit and think for a little while about your burn out. Think about where these issues are stemming from. Are you putting too much pressure on yourself? Is there some underlying issue behind your burn out that you’re scared to confront?

Think about your burn out. Think about when it started, what has made it worse. Thinking through these can really put a lot of things into perspective and really show you what is straining your life and what is actually helping you.

Sitting and thinking is often just an easy way to actually come to terms with what’s going on and how you can help yourself. Don’t discount something this easy as a way that can actually help you because often, the easy stuff is what will help you the most. 

Your thoughts can be daunting and scary, but they’re your thoughts and you have to make sure you know what’s going on inside of your head and what is causing most of your issues. Don’t be afraid of yourself. Be present with yourself and be honest.

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