A Beginner’s Guide to Being Supportive

By Elena

Our lives are often so go, go, go that we forget about the people around us. When your life is busy, being supportive to the people around you becomes a secondary issue, but when you take time to be supportive to the people around you, you open up a door of support that will go both ways. Supporting others is just as important as receiving support yourself.

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Reach out

Being supportive doesn’t have to be complicated. If you know one of your friends is in a place where they need support or just someone to talk to, reach out! Tell them that you’re there for them no matter what and that if they want to talk to someone, you are willing to be there.

This absolutely does not mean you force them to talk to you, or you force yourself as the person they talk to. Just make it clear that you love them and that you want them to know that they have support. 

Be willing to talk

Sometimes, your friends might just need someone to talk to. Sometimes they might need advice, sometimes they might just need someone to rant to. If your friend reaches out to you and you want to be supportive, listen to them. If they need some advice, give some.

Talking to your friends, especially when they’re struggling, is a crucial way to being someone your friends can rely on for some support. You have to be understanding, and you have to understand what your friend needs to hear from you. And remember, what they need to hear from you and what they want to hear from you might differ. 

Sometimes, your friend might just want someone to talk to, and if they choose you, that means they see you as someone they can trust and as someone who will support them. Give them the support they need, and make sure to make them feel like talking to them isn’t just a chore.

Make sure your friend knows that you want to talk to them and you want to be supportive. Otherwise, they likely won’t come to you again, and your friends won’t see you as someone they can lean on. 

Compliment your friends

A great way to support your friends is by sprinkling compliments throughout your conversations. These show your friends that you appreciate them, which is an amazing way to show your friends that you care and support them.

Compliments usually work best if they’re centered around something your friend can control. Some good things you can compliment your friends about is their clothes, their makeup, or some accomplishment they’ve done.

Hype them up!

Hyping up your friends is a great way to show support! If they post something on the gram, leave a comment hyping them up or just something to show you support them. 

If your friend is trying a new look, make sure to hype them up on it and make them feel good about themselves. There’s plenty of ways to hype up your friends, just make sure you choose ways your friends are comfortable with.

Should your friend do something that warrants some hype, give it to them! They deserve it just as much as you do. And honestly, there’s no feeling like giving your friends some hype.

Give them some company

Sometimes, being supportive can just be hanging out and making sure your friend doesn’t feel lonely. 

Being supportive doesn’t always mean getting your friend through the darkest times or talking them through what they need to talk through. Sometimes, support can just be driving around town screaming along to your favorite songs, or going out with them for a night on the town.

Giving someone some company can go a long way, especially if they’re struggling and need some help. Feeling lonely can feel awful, so just being around your friend might be all that they need from you.

By just hanging out with your friend, you’re probably doing more for them than you realize. You’re making them feel like you actually like them as a friend and want to hang out with them. You’re making sure they know that you want to be there for them, even for the simplest of things. This can mean the world to someone, especially if they’re struggling.

Just remember, as long as there’s a pandemic going on, be safe if you want to give your friend 

Remember your worth

Support goes both ways. If your friend is not being supportive to you, even when you are being supportive to them, that is a red flag. Remember what your worth is, and don’t spend too much time being supportive to people who are just using you.

Yes, you might be part of someone else’s support system, but if they are not part of yours or at least aren’t even trying, that does not mean you need to always continue being part of their support system, especially if it’s becoming detrimental to you to be there for them.

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