A Beginner’s Guide to Staying Focused while Remote Learning

By: Lily

For those of us learning online this school year it can be quite a struggle to stay focused. If it’s everyday or just a few days a week there’s a reason we’re seeing students getting lower grades and struggling more and more. Besides the lack of access to resources we would normally get through the school, the loneliness of not seeing our friends, and the struggles we can have asking questions in class a major struggle for most of us is paying attention. Keep reading to find out more tips to maximize your class time by staying focused.

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Wake up at a reasonable time

This one is especially for students that are partially online but this goes for everyone. You don’t want to be waking up 3 minutes before school each day. 

Waking up this close to the start of your class will affect your performance during the first period of your day especially. You’re not going to be properly awake and ready to learn. This will lead to a higher chance of you falling asleep in school and it’ll be easier to zone off during your classes.

You should be treating your online learning days as if you were in person. Make sure to wake up at around the same time you would wake up to go into school normally to keep a good schedule and give you time to be prepared to get to class each morning. 

This is especially important for the partially online students because if you’re waking up at 5 to get to school on days you go in person and getting up at 8 for your 8 a.m. classes on online learning days this is going to severely mess with your sleep schedule and your normal rhythm for your day. Making learning in general much harder on any given day instead of just your online class days. 

Get Ready

I know it’s tempting to sit up and spend your whole day at home remote learning in your pjs. It’s comfy, warm, and it might feel like there’s no reason to get dressed. However it’s important once again to treat your remote learning days as normal school days. 

This includes getting up, taking care of your normal hygiene and getting dressed as you normally would. The routine will help your brain wake up and get ready to learn while making the day feel more natural. It will remind you this isn’t just a chill weekend at home and a time where you need to be up and learning.

Of course this is always just nice so you don’t look like a wreck on your zoom classes. This doesn’t mean dressing nice, but don’t dress differently than you would any other day if you had to go meet your peers and teachers. 

Put your Phone Away

It is extremely easy to get on your phone throughout your online classes. You can listen to music, play games out of your camera, text your friends the options are endless. You have access to all the social media and games that you would normally be expected to put away during class.

Having your phone out and using it, or just having it be by you, especially in a class you wouldn’t normally be allowed to have it is extremely distracting and really going to be making it hard for you to learn. 

Put it aside like you would normally and focus on the teacher and taking notes and following along for what you need to get done in the class. At times it might seem like what you are learning is unimportant or its a good time to take a break and get on your phone for a while. But that mindset is only going to harm your grade and make it easier and easier for you to stop focusing when it is truly important in the future. 

Stay Engaged

Taking notes, asking questions, answering questions, and generally following along in class are all things that are going to help you stay focused. Allow yourself to really focus on the lecture and try to be as engaged as you would be in person.

Personally I find it easiest for me to stay focused and not zone out if I take notes of some sort but your way to getting the important information into your brain might be different. Taking those steps to actively be involved in what you are learning and what the teacher is saying is going to help you go a long way in your classes. 

Putting in that extra effort to really devote yourself to your learning for each class of your day is going to go a long way in making sure you’re attentive during school and getting the best grades you need. 

Save Homework for After Class

It may seem like since you are learning at home it is a good time to do your homework during your “less important” classes. However this is far from the case. Getting your homework done is important but don’t plan out your day around getting some of it done in your classes. 

Your assigned homework to do outside of your classes for a reason and what your learning in that class is going to help you more in the long run. If you’re off doing your math homework in english your english grade is going to suffer and you’re going to get lost very quickly.

Instead separate your homework and your in class work. All of your classes are important. If you wouldn’t do homework in that class in front of your teacher don’t do it online. 

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