A Beginner’s Guide to Being Productive Over Break

By Lily

On this blog you see a lot of posts about being productive, getting work done, studying; but that’s not the only thing an overachiever needs to do. You’ll also notice if you read a lot of our posts a big part of being productive and working hard is also knowing when to take a break. So here’s 4 ways to be the most productive over break: by using it the way it’s intended. Chances are if you’re reading this you need to hear it, relax, take a nice drink of water, and start using your break right. 

Photo by Samson Katt on Pexels.com

Catch Up on Sleep

During the work day or school year chances are most of us are getting less than 7 hours of sleep, probaby averaging around 6 or 5. If that’s not you amazing! But chances are we probably all lost some sleep after the hectic week that always leads up to a long break. 

Of course don’t oversleep and ruin any schedule you have in place for sleep (you’ll regret it when your normal schedule starts up again) but take advantage of the extra time in the morning you have to sleep in a little! 

The first thing I always do before the start of break is turn off my alarms. Let your body’s natural clock lead the way to get your best rest. Don’t stress about getting work done in the morning or having a schedule to attend, enjoy your break, and sleep in a little.

Do What You Want

Break is a time for you. Use it to enjoy the hobbies you like to do on your own time, spend a whole week just knitting if that’s what you love! It doesn’t matter as long as you’re using your time to do exactly what you love to do. 

Your break should be focused on de-stressing and doing what you want to do with the time you have. If you’re sick of seeing people at school and work everyday, take time to be alone and relax. If you really wanna hang out with your friends more and are the type to feel lonely over break, make plans with the people you wanna see! 

As long as you’re spending time with the people YOU want to spend time with. Doing the thing YOU want to do; you’re spending your break productively. After all it is YOUR break, use it for you. 

Distribute your Work in Manageable Ways

No one can deny a break is a good time to get valuable work done if that’s something you HAVE to do. While it’s not recommended to spend your break working and not relaxing, I understand it has to be done.

But remember to break your control of your time and your schedule. Distribute the work over many days leaving time to breaks for friends and hobbies that can make your day more enjoyable. 

Remember when you’re at these times don’t let yourself feel guilty for “not being productive”. Enjoy your time!! Not working is what a break is all about. And I guarantee you’ll be much more willing to sit down and get what needs to be done after a good day of laughs and relaxing than after the hours you spent working and stressing. 

So if you’re the type of person who needs a schedule, make one to cater to a schedule that allows for a lot of fun, and whatever work is absolutely necessary. But this is also a time for you to distribute your work in ways that cater to you. You don’t have to make a schedule if it’s not something that works for you. Don’t feel confined by having to squeeze in time for work, if it’s better for you to work when your time naturally allows it than make a harsh schedule, now is the time to do that! Once again it is a break for you! Do what’s best for you to maximize your time enjoying everything about your time off.

Listen to You

Being in charge of having the most relaxing and enjoyable time over your break is important. No one knows what you need over your break more than you do. It can all depend on your stress over the past few weeks of work, or simply what you like to do. 

Don’t cater your break around what others want you to do or what society tells you you need to do. Cater your break to you. It’s a break for YOU. So listen to what you need and what you want to do. Maximizing your time over break is all about maximizing your rest and fun. It’s not about getting the most work done or being the most productive individual in society. 

Chances are what you need doesn’t have to do with work or stress, it has to do with rest, fun, and giving yourself a little more happiness. So listen to what you’re telling yourself you need after a break and do the aforementioned things to give yourself the best break possible.

Remember this is YOUR break, crafted for YOU by YOU. So take your time and enjoy the time you have off. Whether it’s a few days or a month or two, it’s still a break. A time to rest and enjoy yourself. Being productive over break isn’t the same as being productive at work or school, the whole point of the break is that it’s a rest from that stress. So take advantage of that. Your peers, teachers, even the media are all going to be selling you different ways to be productive and get work done over this break. Shut them out. You shouldn’t feel guilty for enjoying a few more hours of sleeping or spending your day playing video games. If that’s what you want to do, do it. Maximize your break by taking a break. I guarantee you’ll have a much better time and be more ready than ever to get back on track working hard when it’s over. 

Thank you so much for reading today’s article. We will be posting every day from today, all the way up until the New Year, so let us know if there’s any blog posts you’d love to see from us. If you enjoyed, please leave a like and a comment down below, and if you enjoy our content, be sure to follow our blog and subscribe to our rss feed. For more content, check out our social media, which is linked down below. As always, stay safe and keep on overachieving!

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