Study Tips for History Classes

By Elena and Lily

History classes can be really hard to study for. There’s a lot of material to get through, and so much you can forget. Furthermore, remembering a lot of facts can be extremely daunting, however if you study for them right, you’re bound to get the grade you want. With these tips, you’ll be golden!

Note: this only applies to regular/differentiated History courses, AP history courses will be covered in a separate article, as study tips for those classes are different.

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Close Reading

Close reading is a skill you’ve been learning your whole life and it applies to everything you will do in History. Highlighting, annotating, recognising the author and time period, the purpose an article is being written is all very important for preparing you for the test. 

Making sure you close read all your articles correctly will help you better prepare for any section on a test that may require it and allow you to better know the important events of different time periods for when it’s asked on the test. 

Making sure your carefully understanding the subjects discussed in class is all this really is, and the better you close read the better you’ll understand what you have to know on your test. 

Utilize Your History Book

If you’re given a history book, use it. Whether it’s an online PDF or a physical book, almost every history class will hand you a book. If you have it, read it. 

Your history book covers the topics exactly how they are expected to be taught by your district in the curriculum. Reading them may feel redundant from your class at some times. But the extra time to soak in knowledge and little important pieces that might be glazed over in class, can be crucial to getting a good grade on your test. 

Some teachers give our review guides for tests, some make flashcards for you, play memorization games in class. Your book is a tool just like those to help you succeed in your class. If you’d use any of those other tools to study, there’s no reason to not sit down and use your book to make sure you know everything you need to know. 

Take Notes

Notes are your best friend in History class. Listening to the lecture isn’t enough to soak in the information, taking notes is.

Writing down the important pieces of information not only helps you better to memorize it, but keeps you actively engaged in learning in class. It’s much too easy to zone out during a long class period, taking notes keeps your mind sharp and focused, in order to better soak in information. 

You can also take notes from the book too! An important part of utilizing your history book is using it to your max potential. If you are allowed to highlight and for sure take notes from your reading.

Taking notes allows you to better soak in and memorize all the information you need. It may feel tedious at times but once you learn how to maximize your note taking by taking out the most important parts only, you’ll find it will take you miles in your learning. 

Notes are also helpful for studying later on, you have all the important information that will probably be on the test. It’s an easy way to look over information before the test to be prepared. You can also make flashcards out of your notes to help you. 

Taking notes is also important in studying as it allows you to have your important parts organized in ways YOU understand. Sometimes teachers’ guides and others explanations can be confusing, and the night before the test you may not be able to ask all the questions to clarify. However if you already have reliable notes, the information should be organized in the way you understand.

If you want to know more about maximizing your note taking leave a like and comment down below and we’ll be sure to write an article!

Make Flashcards

A lot of history class involves memorizing dates, names, and places. We have found flashcards are the best way to work by yourself to memorize important facts. You can use your notes to pick out important events for the flashcards, then study with them to memorize the important dates and places they occurred. Or use it to memorize what happened in each event. 

You can write them out using paper or a note card. Or use websites like Quizlet which allow you to type out digital flashcards and give you a variety of ways to study the information. There are a lot of helpful websites out there that can help you study the information for free! So we highly recommend looking into them. 

Study with a Friend

In this class the most efficient way to study with a friend is different from a lot of others. In math and science you’re working on practice problems mostly, instead of working on memorization. Use your notes and flashcards and quiz each other to most effectively learn the information. 

And this is great because you can do this with any friend! Even one who’s not in the class, if your friends aren’t available you can use a parent or sibling. Although we recommend studying with a friend in the class, so you can help each other to learn and make fun memorizing and memorizing devices along the way. 

Watch Videos

Often, watching helpful videos online can help get the information in your brain. That’s why your teachers have you watch Crash Course videos so much. It’s an easy way to get the information in your head, and provides a lot of ways for you to remember the information.

Watching videos are also easy to do while doing other things. If you’re driving somewhere, you can tune into a video. If you’re eating lunch, you can multitask and watch a video while you eat. Watching videos can help you get the information into your head that you will need on the test. 

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4 thoughts on “Study Tips for History Classes

  1. These tips are so useful. I studied History a few years ago and found that trying to remember the content was so difficult – I used to love watching videos and documentaries to help!

    Tash – A Girl with a View


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