5 Things Covid Taught us to be Thankful For

By Elena and Lily

Although the past few months have been scary and different, living during a pandemic has changed our outlook on life. Given it’s Thanksgiving today, we decided we wanted to go through the top 5 things that living in such a unique time has forced us to realize we can’t take for granted. Feel free to comment down below what you have had to learn to be thankful for this year!

Photo by Panos Sakalakis on Pexels.com

5. Technology

Before the pandemic, technology like our phones and laptops were just tools we used. However, technology became one of the only ways for us to connect with each other and still be a part of a lot of the things we love to do.

All of our activities, school, and many of our friendships essentially went online. The only way we could talk to each other was through Zoom calls, texts, or social media. Keeping up with AP classes we were going to have to take AP tests for, or classes we just generally needed to finish were only possible with technology.

We’re thankful for technology because it has provided us with a way to share our thoughts and help others on the internet through this blog. If it wasn’t for technology, we never would have had the chance to start connecting and sharing our thoughts all the way across the world. Thank you, to all of you for all of your support and for reading our blog posts.

Thank you to technology for allowing us to still be a part of so many things we love to do like debate over the summer and now, with all of our tournaments online.

We would have felt even more isolated and lost during these times. Technology allowed us to conntinue to learn, grow, and connect. Even though it may be a little bit unreliable at times, we’d be struggling a lot more without it.

Thank you technology, for allowing us to still connect with people. Technology isn’t just a tool anymore, it’s one of the only ways we can still be safe during the pandemic and still be involved in things we love and talk to people we love.

4. The Little Things

It can be really easy to forget about how important the little things are, but the little things make up a lot more of our life than we ever realized before.

Little things, like going to the store or going out with a friend for lunch, are things we used to take for granted. We’re thankful we were able to do those little things before the pandemic, and we’ll be even more thankful for when we can do them again after the pandemic.

The little things aren’t even just those. It’s also telling your family you love them, or going on a small walk. Every one of those little things we used to take for granted, we’re always now going to be thankful for all of those little moments.

The little moments now make us realize how important everything is in our lives, which is why we’re so thankful for the little things we have now, and the little things we were able to experience before we lost them for the past few months.

3. Friends

Our lives have been extremely busy for the past few years, and a lot of the time, it could get really easy to forget how important our friends are to us, and how much we value them in our lives. The pandemic changed that.

The pandemic made us realize how important our friends are. Our relationships with other people is part of what makes our lives valuable, and why there’s importance to them. 

What makes us even more thankful to our friends is knowing we can lose them. We have sadly had a number of friends either contract Covid-19, or have had a close call. Knowing that so many of them either have or could in the future contract a virus that so many people have already died from puts our friendships with them into perspective.

We have all found ways to safely connect with people during Covid. For example in our friend group we’d have car circles where we saftely distance in a circle in our cars and just meet and talk. I remember after the second or third one. It was after the initial months of isolation and nothing brought me more joy than just being able to go out and spend time with my favorite people. I realized then how much I took for grannteed my ability to do all the little things with people I love.

Thank you, to all of our friends for being there for us, being supportive, and overall just being amazing people in our lives. We are so thankful for all of you, and we hope we’ve been as good friends to you as you have been to us.

2. Family

It’s easy to take family for granted. Especially your extended people. Your aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents. They’ve always been there are whole lives and they can be caotic, annoying, and amazing.

Especially this holidy season reminds me to be thankful for my family. It wasn’t until recently when I ask my mom about thanksgiving and I realized that we’d be having it alone, without the rest of my family.

I then realized how much I missed my family. I’d been able to stay connected through social media and phone calls. But nothing is quite the same as sitting down with them, talking, laughing, and sharing important traditions that make our family special.

I never get to see my grandma anymore because of Covid either. I would walk to her house everyday after school before I could drive and she was always a postive and sweet light in my day.

So, thank you to our familes for supporting us, encourganing us, and being there for the long run. We are so thankful for all of you and we wish you stay safe and happy during these trying times. We love you!

1. Life

Living during a pandemic taught us to be more thankful for life than before. Knowing everything could change and be taken away in a split second has this strange effect of making you more thankful for everything your life has and every moment you have.

After life essentially got cancelled for a few months back in March, we have a new appreciation for everything we have in our lives and everything our life has to offer. Life is precious and living during a time where there are thousands of people dying each day puts a lot into perspective. 

When everything changes in such a short period of time, you realize how thankful you are for your life, and how thankful you are to still be alive, especially when one of the big changes is losing people you know, or losing things you care about.

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