A Letter to My Teacher

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Dear Teachers,

Hello, I hope you’ve been having an amazing day! I just have a small question about one of our assignments, and was hoping you could help.

Are you aware of what all your students are going through right now? Thank you to those of you that are, but to the rest of you, are you aware we’re struggling to keep up with all the workload you’ve been giving us? Are you aware of how many times my friends have told me they’ve cried because of your class or how many times I have?

This is not the year to enforce busy work, or over assign homework. We’re already going through a pandemic, how are we supposed to stay focused on the hours and hours of homework you assign?

And on top of that, you teach AP students. Almost everyone in your classes is taking more than 3 AP classes and is trying to keep up with extracurriculars as well. We don’t have the time or the energy to read more than 100 pages every week for your class, especially when you’re assigning work on top of that.

Most of you have been rather understanding this year, and I thank you for that. These are unprecedented times, and zoom learning is tough. Sincerely, I thank the teachers who have cut down the work we do. But not all of you have. A couple of you seem to misunderstand; just because we’re on zoom half the time does not mean we have more time to do homework. And even if we did have the time, we definitely don’t have the energy.

I get that we’re in high school, and I know AP classes are supposed to be harder and thus have more work, but at some point, enough is enough. We’re stressed, we’re tired, all the seniors are trying to get through college applications. We put more time into school than someone who’s working a full time job has to spend on their job. We have 40 hours of school every week, and then we have hours of homework every night. Some of your students actually have jobs too. If they don’t they do other things as well.

Yes, you teach an AP class, and yes, AP does count toward college credit. This doesn’t mean you’re teaching a college class though. A typical college student usually takes about 15 credit hours a semester. That means they’re taking 15 hours of classes every week, but we have 7 classes 5 days a week. We can’t have the same amount of homework one might give to a college student because we’re in class over twice the amount of time they are. 

Furthermore, we’re high school students. Yes, we’re taking AP classes and yes we’re trying to get college credit, but no that does not mean we should be treated as if we were in college. We aren’t college students. We’re high school students that are putting more stress on themselves to try to get into a good college because we have been conditioned to think we need to. We are far from college students, even though we’re juniors and seniors in high school. Please, treat us as if we are high schoolers taking an AP class rather than we’re college students taking a college class.

If you care about us even a little bit, you need to cut down on the amount of work you’re giving us. You overplan for your classes, we can barely get through half of the stuff you want to do during class time, so maybe think about how much more you’re actually giving us for homework. Some of you teachers have been giving us assignment after assignment after assignment, and don’t seem to realize that means we actually have to take the time to do all of those assignments.

The school district is wondering why grades are lower all around this semester, and they seem to think that the hybrid schedule is to blame. Although yes, it partially is to blame, the real issue is the teachers who are assigning more and more than they ever have, and are grading harsher. There are teachers who teach amazingly over zoom, and have figured out how much homework should be the limit for us right now. Have the other teachers talk to those teachers about what they’re doing and how they can make their zommers be more engaged in class and be less stressed out over coursework.



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2 thoughts on “A Letter to My Teacher

  1. Agreed. Junior year is the eternal struggle between working harder to get into a good college and remembering that we’re still kids. And might I add that online learning is exhausting?

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