A Beginner’s Guide to Remote Learning

By Elena

The pandemic has affected almost every aspect of our lives, and schools are not exempt from that. More students than ever before are learning completely remotely, which can be extremely difficult. As someone who spent 9 weeks remotely learning (to see my day in the life of when I was fully remote, check out this article here) I’ve figured out some neat tricks to help you get through your day going to school from your bedroom.

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One of the main issues with remote learning is how little motivation there is to do some of the work, especially when there are people in your classes actually going to school. There’s some assignments you know your teacher won’t know if you got done on time, or even at all in some cases. 

I know your phone seems very inviting to spend all your homework time on, but put it down! You can have some screen time after you finish doing all of your work. Perhaps you might want to limit screen time on your phone so it locks you out of your apps when you spend too much time on them, or limit which apps you can open at a time. By putting down your phone, you’ll increase your motivation and ability to do other work.

Another tip I have is to collaborate with your friends. You can always zoom with a friend to do homework together, or if you have a friend you’ve been quarentining with, you can collaborate to work together, and to motivate each other.

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Paying attention

Learning over a screen is tough, especially after 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, for weeks on end. This is actually the main issue I struggled with while fully remote, and the main reason I switched to hybrid schooling for 2nd quarter of school.

Once again, put your phone away! You won’t be able to stay focused if you’re on your phone the whole class. 

Switch things up from time to time. Don’t spend every class every day in the same exact room, don’t wear headphones or earbuds for every single class. Do things differently, so it doesn’t get as monotone every time. Also, wearing headphones/earbuds for every class is going to give you a headache and make it harder to concentrate as well, which is another reason why you shouldn’t wear them for every class as well.

Take notes! Taking notes will keep you more engaged and more receptive to the knowledge, and it’s just good practice in general. 


Try to do your homework, but if you can’t do all of it, learn how to prioritize. Focus your energy on the assignments that matter the most. For example, if you have a completion grade assignment vs an assignment that’s worth 30% of your grade in a class, do the assignment worth 30% of your class! The completion grade assignment is something that you can easily do right before class if need be.

Keep organized. You still need to know how important an assignment is and when it’s due, even when you’re just remotely learning.

Mental Health

Yes, remote learning can be hard to do just for academic purposes, but it can also be very harsh on your mental health.

Keep talking to your friends. Do some zoom calls with them, or perhaps a car circle. You cannot spend all your time alone and at home, or else you’re putting yourself at risk.

Check in with yourself as often as you can. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or have a lot of anxiety over an assignment, email your teachers and ask for a little bit of extra time. Worst case scenario, they say no and you’re no worse off. 

Talk to people about what you’re feeling, and make sure you don’t overwork yourself. Just because you’re remote learning, doesn’t mean you have an endless amount of time. It’s totally ok to be burnt out and need a break, so don’t push yourself too far. 

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