Study Tips for Math Classes

By Elena and Lily

Especially once you start taking harder math classes, it becomes increasingly important to study. The issue is, many kids never really learn how to study, and thus aren’t able to study productively. Furthermore, some people never realize you can’t always study the same way for each class, and you shouldn’t. If you struggle with studying for your math class, keep reading for our list of tips!

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Do the homework

Yes… even the homework your teacher doesn’t collect. And the homework your teacher says isn’t required. And the homework assignment you forgot to do.

Homework assignments are one of the main ways you should be studying in your class. It provides you with practice and more experience. Furthermore, doing the homework on the nights it’s assigned also means less cramming the night before the test.

Doing these assignments will also help you bring your confidence up, so you feel more confident taking tests and feel more confident in your abilities.

Even if you don’t know how to do a problem, try to get as far as you can before looking up the solution, and then use the solution to figure out what you don’t know and how you can get there. This takes time, but the effort will definitely be worth it.

If you don’t build up your confidence before a test, you will second guess yourself more, even when you know you’re doing the right thing.

Review Notes

The night before a test, it’s always a good idea to review your notes, but don’t only study based off of your notes.

Review the concepts you are least familiar with, and look at some of the example problems you have in your notes. When reviewing your notes, focus on understanding how and where you get an equation or a mathematical concept from. This will help you immensely as if  you blank on the test, you’ll be able to know how to derive the information and won’t have to solely rely on memorization.

Practice Problems

Nothing is gonna help you study better than practice problems. Reviewing old homework and notes will only get you so far. Doing practice problems guarantees you can do a variety of problems in different ways.

Practice problems are accessible on online worksheets and in the book the teacher will provide. 

Never skip out on this especially if you’re unsure. There are unlimited problems so keep going till your confident and you’ll never fail a test again!

Ask for help

Teachers are always willing to help, so ask them! There are so many students that might be struggling and its not worth failing because you didn’t wanna ask for help. They are there to teach and guide you. At my school math teachers have lunch hubs and after and before school times to help. Shoot them an email and be active in your education

You can also ask friends too! Friends are great for studying together, they help you and you help them! It’s perfect! 

Watch videos

We live in an age of the internet; there’s videos online for absolutely everything. Often, watching and rewatching videos may really help you out, especially if your teacher didn’t fully explain a concept.

Especially after asking for help and still not understanding something, watching videos will absolutely help you. Do not be afraid to search up help on a question or help on a concept you don’t understand. The internet is absolutely your friend, and there’s so many videos, especially on sites like Khan Academy and Youtube that are extremely helpful.

Don’t Give Up

Math can get very hard, especially if you aren’t a math person. Keep believing in yourself, and don’t give up, no matter how hard it is. Just push through it, and use some of these tips to help yourself get through the difficulties of your math class.

Giving up won’t do anything for you, in fact it will only be extremely counterproductive. Math is a battle you can tackle, but not if you give up on yourself.

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