10 Siblings and How To Deal With Them

By Elena and Lily

Siblings can be annoying, get on your nerves, or they can be your best friend. Having siblings can be a strange experience; you usually grow up with them and develop an interesting relationship with them unlike one you have with anyone else, whether this be a positive relationship or a negative one. Here’s a list of the 10 different kinds of siblings, as well as some tips as to how you can deal with them.

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1. Overprotective Sibling

We all know the overprotective older sibling trope. The older sibling that looks after the younger and makes sure their little sibling is safe.

The overprotective sibling isn’t always the older sibling, but more often than not, it probably will be. The overprotective sibling will always stick up for the other sibling, and will make sure that the other sibling is safe.

If your sibling is overprotective and it’s bothering you, talk to them and have a conversation to create some boundaries. Talk to them about how you would like a little bit of space, and they’re going to understand.

If it’s not bothering you, then you probably already know how to deal with it, so just keep doing what you’re doing.

2. The Troublemaker

Another common sibling trope shown in media is the troublemaker trope. They make a lot of trouble, and then will likely blame it all on you. They broke your parents’ favorite vase? They’re going to blame it all on you. 

This is not a sibling you usually get along with, unless you’re a troublemaker, too. If you’re a troublemaker with your siblings. If you’re both troublemakers, make some trouble together.

Usually, the best way to deal with a troublemaker sibling is probably just to give them some space. Try not to be around them when they make trouble, and try not to anger them, or they will make trouble for you.

Although you don’t want to be around your sibling when they’re making trouble, I bet your troublemaker sibling is someone who has a lot of funny or interesting stories. Maybe you should try talking to them once in a while and get to know who they are behind the troublemaker side.

3. The Best Friend

Some people really luck out and their sibling is their best friend. You share many interests, or maybe just really enjoy each other’s company. Either way, you’re best friends. 

You and your sibling won’t take kindly to someone trying to split you apart and you probably do a lot together.

The best friend sibling is the easiest to “deal with”. Just keep being best friends and understand how lucky you are!

4. The Archenemy

Contrastly to the best friend, some siblings are your archenemy. You absolutely cannot stand each other and do everything you possibly can to get back at them.

Either they angered you first or you angered them first, but either way, the outcome is not pretty.

Transform some of this tension with a non-lethal and non-violent prank war. Eventually, enough of this tension will be transferred that you and your sibling don’t hate each other as much.

Remember, you may have issues with them, but they also have some issues with you. Sit down for a moment with them and try to get to the center of your issues with a conversation. Healthy communication will go a long way, and if you’re both willing to make it work, it’s going to go a very, very long way.

For some more tips on how to have a good relationship with your siblings, check out this article here.

5. Huge Age Difference Sibling

Although many siblings tend to be within a close age range, there area also a lot of siblings with a huge age range. You might feel like you’re a part of a different generation at times. You might be in college while your sibling is in elementary school or vice versa.

If your sibling is a lot older than you, take time to talk to them. They have more experience than you and can teach you a lot. Extra plus, they aren’t your parents! This means they can also give you some tips that you might not feel comfortable getting from your parents, or they might be helpful in how you approach your parents.

If you’re the older sibling, make sure you still make time for your younger sibling. It’s weird having a sibling a lot younger than you, but it doesn’t have to be. Become a mentor, of sorts, to them and help guide them. 

Just because you have a huge age difference doesn’t mean you can’t be close.

6. The Role Model Sibling

Some siblings may become role models, especially if they’re an older sibling.

For the other sibling, this can get really difficult at times. Often, you compare yourself to them and use their role model-ness as a guide for yourself. But, you can’t let this get to your head.

It’s great to have a role model, but you have to understand you and your sibling are different people, even if you do a lot of the same things.

If you feel like you’re in the shadow of a role model sibling, check out this article here.

7. The Secretive Sibling

Some siblings are very secretive. They stay in their room all day, and you never see them. They might tilt their phone away if they get even the slightest feeling you might see something.

Most secretive siblings don’t stay secretive for long (a couple years max). They might have something going on in their lives, so maybe you might want to have a conversation with them to make sure everything’s ok.

If they are secretive for a very long, just continue to give them space, and occasionally check up with them. 

The best way to deal with a secretive sibling is usually to let them be. 

8. The Coexisting Siblings

Some siblings might not be very close, but they also don’t have any issue with each other. They just coexist.

They don’t do anything together or have any similar interests, but they also don’t have any reason to pick a bone with one another. 

If you’d like to get closer to this sibling, I would suggest hanging out with them a couple of times and try to find something you like to do together. Maybe you get boba or ice cream together, or go on a drive in the car together. Just find something you can do together that you both enjoy and both want to do.

Some starting conversations could be about school, or your parents, or a memory you had growing up.

If you don’t really want to get closer to this sibling, that’s totally fine. Just keep on coexisting.

9. The Annoying Sibling

Some siblings are just downright annoying. They won’t leave you alone no matter how hard you try and just keep on getting on your nerves. The annoying sibling drives you mad, and sometimes you just don’t know why.

The best way to deal with an annoying sibling is to pretend they aren’t annoying. Pretend like they aren’t getting under your skin, and eventually the annoying sibling is either not going to get under your skin anymore, or they will tire out and leave you alone because they aren’t getting the reaction that you want.

If this doesn’t work, use communication! They might have something going on that you don’t know about which will easily explain why they are being annoying. Maybe they’re struggling with insecurity (if you want to read more about dealing with insecurity check out this article), or maybe they just want to hang out with you, or it might be a completely different reason. Either way, using communication will help you out so much.

10. The Advice Sibling

Some siblings are just extremely good at advice. They know exactly what to tell you no matter what you’re going through, and have a pretty decent idea of what’s going on. This is also a pretty easy sibling to get along with. 

Make sure you listen to them, but don’t forget to follow your gut if you feel like something they say might not work out for you. 

Often, this sibling might also be the best friend sibling or the overprotective sibling, so we would recommend using some of those tips to help you out with dealing with your advice sibling.

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