October Upload Schedule

Thank you to everyone who’s supporting us and reading our blog posts. We appreciate all of you and your support more than you know.

If there’s any articles you’d like us to write for next month, please feel free to reach out and let us know! You can contact us via the contacts page, the comments section, or on social media.

If you like our content, please follow our blog and subscribe to our rss feed to get notified every time we post, and if you’d like more content from us, check out our Instagram, Twitter, and join our Patreon.

This month, we will be decreasing our posting schedule down to 2 articles a week. Junior year is a really hard year, especially with the amount of AP classes we’re taking, and we don’t want to sacrifice the quality of our content or our grades, so we will be going back to our original posting schedule we started out with in June.

We might have to make a couple of changes to our posting schedule, but for the most part, this will be the schedule for this month.

We will be posting every Monday and Thursday at 3:30 PM CT this month.

Here’s our October Schedule:

October 1 – 10 Siblings and How to Deal With Them

October 5 – A Beginner’s Guide to Makeup and Self Love

October 8 – A Beginner’s Guide to Society’s Morality

October 12 – Study Tips for Math Classes

October 15 – A Special Guest

October 19 – How to Maintain a Vegetarian Diet While Chronically Ill

October 22 – A Beginner’s Guide to Remote Learning

October 26 – A Brief History of the Black Lives Matter Movement in America

October 29 – Interview: Being Accepting Towards Other Cultures

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