A Vegetarian’s Health Benefits

By Elena and Lily

Every plant based eater has their own experience with switching diets. Although there’s different paths and different reasons to switch, one of the main ones cited is health benefits. Most people seem to know switching to a vegetarian (or any other plant based diet) has health benefits, but what exactly are they? 

To learn more about the different plant based diets there are, and for some more information on plant based diets, check out this link here!

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Plant based diets reduce your risk of getting a non-communicable disease, or a disease that can’t be contracted from one person to another. 

Plant based diets will reduce your blood pressure, which helps reduce your chances of heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and more.

Furthermore, because of the saturated fat in meat, eating plant based will further reduce your chances of heart disease, as a lot of saturated fat can be harmful to your heart. Still, you need to eat healthy and not load up on some of the unhealthy foods. A plant based diet can also decrease your cholesterol, which can also decrease heart disease and strokes.

Yet another physical health benefit of following a plant based diet is it could reduce your chances of cancer. The types of foods in a plant based diet, such as vegetables, grains, nuts, tend to have more cancer-protective nutrients. 

With all of these health benefits, studies also show that a plant based diet can increase longevity. 

For more information and some of the exact statistics, click here.

Furthermore, eating plant based can help prevent communicable diseases as well, and even decrease the chances of a pandemic like the one we’re currently in. There’s quite a few pandemics we’ve had that have come from animals, specifically ones that are infected. Eating an infected animal can be dangerous in causing a pandemic. For some more information on pandemics and plant based diets, click here.

Eating plant based can also build up your immune system to diseases. There’s a lot of foods that can give you necessary nutrients that will help build up protections. Eating plant based helps you open up to some of these nutrients and consume more of these nutrients.


All those physical benefits are major benefits for your mental health. Health conditions that affect any part of you can all be linked to the brain, especially some linked to your gut. If you switch to help your physical health, you’re already helping your mental health. Which is an immediate plus.  

It can also be good for your mental well being and alleviate stress in your life from your diet. Everyone switches to a plant based diet for different reasons, but if you feel bad when you’re eating meat and want to switch to better the environment and the animals, switching to a plant based diet can put your mind at rest. 

If you feel bad about eating animals, or feel anxiety over eating some kind of meat, switching to a plant based diet can really help you out and relieve some of those feelings. 

Eating healthy also boosts your mental health, which comes hand in hand with eating a plant based diet right. Not only will it make you feel overall better physically and mentally, but it will boost your energy levels. Making you more awake, active, and happy. 

Every aspect of health is interconnected, so they physical health benefits will also increase your mental health. Make sure you take care of every aspect, and keep your body healthy.

Eating healthy also means you’re eating less processed foods, which are something we probably all consume every single day. Studies have shown that eating processed foods can lead to an increased risk of depression. Instead, it has been recommended to eat more fruits and vegetables to reduce that risk. And guess what? A plant based diet means you will be eating more vegetables!

There have also been studies that link plant based diets to helping with anxiety and depression. You can check that more out here.

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