A Beginner’s Guide to Balancing School/Work and Social Life

By Elena and Lily

Balancing all the different aspects of your life can be extremely difficult, and even more difficult when you set your standards high, however it’s still important to learn to balance your social life with everything else, no matter how busy you are. You have to learn how to balance different aspects of your life, or else you’re just going to stress yourself out even more.

With the pandemic going on right now, stay safe when having a social life. Wear a mask and either stay 6ft away or use the internet.

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Social life is a critical part of your health, which many people tend to forget. Neglecting your social life may cause mental health issues, especially if a lack of social interaction persists for a long time.

Yes, school and work may provide some social life, but ultimately when you go to school, you aren’t just hanging out with friends but getting an education, and when you’re at work you aren’t flirting or having some drinks with your friends but you’re there to get the job done. This isn’t to say you can’t have fun at work or at school; you should. But, you can’t consider going to school or to work your social life.

Pace yourself

If you know you have a huge assignment due, and a lot of homework or extra work you need to do, you might want to cut down on how much you spend on your social life, but make the time up later. Doing everything at once all the time will burn you out, and you won’t be able to continue. 

Pace yourself with both your work and your social life. Make time for your social life, but not when it’s important for you to focus on something else.

You shouldn’t be out with friends until 3am in the morning and then take the ACT the next day.

Schedule time

Schedule time for yourself to hang out with friends or go on dates or anything you want to do with your social life. Be smart about this – schedule this during times you know you don’t have a lot to do, for example use the weekends, if you aren’t too busy during that time. If you are, you might want to schedule breaks to text with friends or video chat. 

Make plans ahead of time with wiggle room. If you don’t feel up to it or are too busy, you can always take a raincheck. If you’re free for some time at the last minute, it’s a chance to make a quick plan with a friend.

The internet

We have something very special which you can use to your benefit. The internet. 

Use the internet to make friends, connect with them. You can text people, email, call them through your phone or your computer. If you can’t find time between everything else, use the internet to be able to talk to friends while you do your homework, or anything else you might need to do.

Study groups

If you ever have to study, or have any extra work you need to do, make a study group or get some people from work together to do work. 

Study groups are a great way to socialize with people and multitask. You do work, while you also can get some of the work you need to get done with friends.

Just don’t get too distracted while you’re hanging out with your friends, because you still have work you need to get done and things you need to focus on. Find a balance, like after you get through a specific amount of work, you take a 5 minute break to talk about something else. 

Don’t sweat it

Yes, a social life is important, but don’t sweat it. Chances are, you already text your friends pretty often or have conversations with people all the time. Do what you can to have a social life, but if you absolutely can’t, focus on what you need to.

Don’t stress yourself out over your social life. Do what you can but don’t overdo it.

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