Lily’s Day in School During a Pandemic

By: Lily

The way we know education has changed in the blink of an eye.The number of new protocols and new ways of learning are completely different than anything we’ve done before. Some people right now are not going back to school yet, some people are fully remote, some people are going to class 100%. Currently my schedule is a confusing one, I’m going to school with 50% capacity. Which means half the students are there 50% of the time and I only attend school in person on thursdays, fridays, and every other wednesday. On the other days I’m doing online school. As you can guess this is confusing and different, especially as we’re all adjusting, but it is necessary for our safety.. I will be detailing my day by period talking about both my days online and my days in school, which look very different. So I’m writing this article to give some insight to everyone in different situations about how I have been adjusting to school during this pandemic, and how our school is running

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First Period

In school

My first period is APUSH, or AP US history. I really like starting my morning off with this class because it’s not too hard but still a fun challenge to wake me up. I have the most friends in this class and I really enjoy going into school to see them.

Homework for this class is normally notes, a quick reading, and some writing and historical analysis assignments. We normally have class time to get this done and have the ability to work in groups, although I normally work by myself.

Overall in class this is mostly work time or taking notes of a powerpoint and we get out 2 minutes early because it is an odd period. A new adjustment they’ve made is that odd grades (Freshmen and Juniors) get out earlier on odd periods (1,3,5,7) in order to avoid too much traffic in the halls. The same goes for even grades with even periods. 


I love zooming into this class over zoom. SInce it is just note taking or working on our own we normally have a relaxing period I do at a table in my room. We often get out of this class early to do the work on our owns at home, which allows me to get what would be homework done, or if I finish take a nap.

So far, the work for this class is mostly reading and notes, so I tend to get it done in the morning before I go to this class. Since I can wake up at 7 and don’t have to get ready much or do anything in the mornings, I’ll fill this time with doing homework for this class. However this is not a luxury I have on mornings when I go into school.

Second Period

In school

My second period class is German. This is my third year of german and it’s another really fun class. Since we’ve had the same teacher for the past 3 years I enjoy this class and have found that with less people it’s really relaxed. 

We mostly work on our computer and learn new words and practice writing sentences. It’s a good and familiar second period to have which I enjoy. 

An adjustment for this class is sanitizing our chairs. At the end of class we have to sanitize our chairs and desk with basically just bleach. It’s quick and not too hard and prevents us from spreading germs everytime we sit in a chair someone in the last class sat in. If we all do our own chair at the end of class it’s very easy and I don’t mind it at all. Safety first.


This is also a really easy class online. I really like how my teacher runs our class online and I think she probably does the best job of letting both zoom and in class students participate. We type our answers in the chat and are able to follow along with anything at home.

Normally we get out of this class early at home and if we have any homework I can get it done. I also have been granted the blessing a few times of being able to take a nap during this period. I really prefer online learning in the amount we get out early and the time I have at home to finish homework and nap. It really makes my day a lot easier, especially since I suffer from a lot of chronic illness and pain which can make my day easier. I’m actually considering switching to fully remote because it does make my life so much easier, but for now i’[ll enjoy the naps I can get on my days at home.

Third Period

In school

My third period is show choir. The start of this class has been slow and it’s not always the most eventful, although i’m sure that will change soon. Since we haven’t had our summer choreo camp to learn our choreography we have a slow start of warming up everyday, we did voice checks and setting, and my just now found out the song for out ballad, which i’m excited to start working on. 

Another adjustment we’ve had to make is sitting to social distance. In every class we have to sit in diagonal chairs from each other and not directly behind/in front of everyone. This is especially odd in this class since we just have plain chairs on risers all far apart. I kind of like the set up because I finally have some personal space in a class of 50, 60 some girls. 


So far this class has been very uneventful online. So far we leave class after about 10 minutes, maybe 20 since we’ve recently started doing warm ups together. I’m very interested to see how this class plays out online as it picks up because singing and dancing is not something we can really do online, but it seems my teacher has a plan. 

A good thing about getting out so early this far is taking naps. I have plenty of time to take a long nap going into my fourth period since it is lunch, and I really appreciate this time.

Fourth Period

In school

Fourth period is my lunch and everyday I bring my packed lunch and drive to a lake about 5 minutes away from school with my friend.

It’s a good way to escape the chaos of school lunch during this time and have a good lunch. While eating outside and not around too many people so the environment is much safer. 


Normally I take a nap during the end of 3rd period and I will sleep about 20 minutes into this period if that is the case. I then wake up at about 11 and make a quick lunch. I eat and do any leftover homework for the rest of my day, which is normally a journal I have to write for english or something fast and simple.

Fifth Period

In school

This period I have APMacro, which is an economics class which so far I don’t enjoy much. It is mostly notes and the curriculum isn’t hard so I don’t mind that much. 

I don’t really know anyone in my class so I just go in and get this class done, it’s long and I just sit quietly and take notes. We’ve had a few quizzes and it’s all been very simple so I don’t mind it much.

This class is kind of disappointing at times because of the stories my teacher tells. Because of the new regulations for Corona we have a lot of activities and other fun things we can’t do anymore. My teacher tells us about all the fun activities and games we would be playing that we can’t do anymore. It’s disappointing but it’s for the best.


This class is not my most favorite online either. I normally just sit at my desk and take notes and wait for it to be over. It’s not a class I can count on getting out of early, but it’s not the worst.

Sixth Period

In school

My 6th period class is AP Physics. So far this class has been a mix of interesting or boring so I’ll be interested to see how the year plays out. 

This class is overall pretty relaxed and we so far have done a lot of graphs and working with people on zoom which I enjoy. My class will join zoom to better communicate with the other students who are zooming in for things like labs and I have a few friends in the class to keep it fun. 


So far this class has also been interesting online. On the first day we did a lab but we’re at home. We had to get information to put in from the two people in class in our class, and record it on the computer while we were at home. I imagine soon we will be the people in class doing the lab while the other group is recording, that was a really interesting dynamic and something I appreciated to actively learn. 

We also have a lot of days we get out of this class quite early, and while I don’t nap I can get homework done or just have a nice break. My last 4 periods are significantly harder than most other classes I have taken so far and it’s good to relax in the middle.

Seventh Period

In school

Seventh period I have AP Lang, which is an Ap English class at my school. So far this class hasn’t been my favorite and the workload is already harsh. However I took a similar class with this teacher last year and I know once we get into discussions it will be better.

We work a lot online on powerpoints and documents that everyone can add too and we’ve started reading a book as of yesterday. By 7th period I’m pretty exhausted and in pain so this can be a hard class for me to get to and it’s already very hard in nature. But I enjoy the learning and hope we can have the discussions I’m looking forward to in the future.


I’ll be honest this class doesn’t work great online. While it could be a lot worse it can be hard to have productive discussions with the class over zoom and be awkward. This class is very discussions based and I enjoy adding input so it’s a bit of a challenge.

This is a class that will give me a reading and/or a journal to do every night. A journal is a ¾ page entry (now online) that we write over whatever we learned about that day or will be talking about the next day. These are checked decently frequently and make up a big part of our final for each quarter. 

This is a class that can be difficult over zoom and definitely will not let me out early anyday but I appreciate my teachers effort to try to make it work and I think as we get more used to learning in this way it will improve.

Eight Period

In school

This class is Precalculus D for me, which is basically just trigonometry. It’s a very difficult class but can be very easy at the same time. This is my last class of the day and I am normally so worn out when in school it is hard to be productive. I can take notes in class though making the assignments easier and something I can figure out how to do later when I do my homework however.

It’s not my preferable end of the day class but I always look forward to going home and spend time with my sister and cats afterwords.


This class is very fun online. It’s mostly note taking and doing problems but my sister and I are in the same class so she will join me and we can do it together and be talkative, ask each other for help, and just generally spend this time together making it much more enjoyable.

I normally get out of this class about 5-10 minutes early giving me a headstart on my afternoon and ending my day. 

After school is filled with homework, relaxing, appointments, or some days debate practice. If you would like to know what my after school routine is, leave a comment down below and leave a like, and I’ll make an article about some of the ways I spend my hours after school!

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