Elena’s Day in School During a Pandemic

By Elena

School right now is extremely strange. There’s tons of new protocols that have been placed, and lots of districts are trying hybrid schedules all around the country. I have chosen to go completely remote this year because I don’t want to be the reason why one of my family members gets infected with coronavirus. I’m going to be taking you through my day today and show you what my day at school looks like. There will also be a video on our patreon to go along with this article coming up within the next week or so. 

Photo by JESSICA TICOZZELLI on Pexels.com

Before Classes

In the morning, I usually get up around 7:10ish to start getting ready for school. I brush my teeth, eat breakfast, and get set up for class.

1st Period

My first period class is Precalculus D, which is essentially just trigonometry. I zoom into class with my school given chromebook, but if I need to pull anything up for class I use my laptop. This is pretty much true for all of my classes. 

This class usually gets out about 5-10 minutes early for us to do homework and for the class to sanitize everything.

I have an assignment almost every night from this class, and on this particular day I have 20 math problems I need to do.

2nd Period

After Precalc, I have some time to do work and get ready for AP French. We’re currently learning about identity and reviewing information from previous years. 

French usually gets let out about 5 minutes early, just like Precalc for the same reasons.

We haven’t had very much homework yet, but we’re going to have assignments more often soon.

3rd Period

Before 3rd period, I like to get my dog into my workspace so I can spend 3rd period with him. To do this, I bribe him just a little. Throughout the period, I give him treats for being a good boy.

Again, I have a little bit of time before class to get everything bulled up and ready to go for my 3rd period class: AP Language and Composition, or AP Lang as it’s more commonly referred to.

In this class, we usually go over our journals and other assignments we had the previous night, and go into more depth into the material.

This teacher always lets us out as late as she possibly can, so I have less time to get ready for the next period than I do for all of my other classes.

Every night, we have to write a journal for the next day, and we usually also have to read something as well. There’s a lot of work that goes into this class, at least with my teacher.

4th Period

Before 4th period, if my dog wants to leave the room, I’ll let him out and let him go back downstairs. Depending on the day, he’ll sometimes want to leave but other days he doesn’t.

This period is AP US History, or APUSH as it’s more commonly referred to. It’s pretty self explanatory: we learn about US History.

APUSH gets out a little bit early for the Zoom students most days, just like every class. It’s usually a little bit earlier than most classes though, so I have a little bit more time for lunch, which is my next period.

My teacher gives us a reading to do per week (so basically a chapter to read instead of breaking it up), as well as a couple other assignments throughout the week.

5th Period

My fifth period is my lunch period. At my school, you get a whole period, either 4th, 5th, or 6th, for lunch. 

Depending on how I’m feeling, I’ll either eat food that’s already prepared in the fridge, cook my own food, or order food to arrive to eat.

At the end of this period, I get my dog back into the room where I zoom into classes.

6th Period

After lunch, I have AP Physics 1. It’s an algebra-based physics class, so there’s a lot of math involved. We usually do work in breakout rooms, with some people in class. The people in class will be either doing labs, or will be our connection to the teacher.

The end of this class finishes depending on what we’re doing, but we’re usually in class until the last 10 minutes.

We haven’t had too much homework in this class yet, but I’m sure that I’ll be getting more homework. For now, we’ve had about 2 or 3 homework assignments and we’ve been in class for a week.

At the end of this class, if my dog wants to leave, I’ll let him out, but he’s usually a little bit more active and wants to stay for my next class as well.

7th Period

My next class is AP Computer Science Principles. We basically just learn about computers, and we’ll also be learning some coding, although I already know a large portion of what we’ll be learning.

This class also gets out about 5-10 minutes early, depending on what we’re doing and what’s going on that day. 

We’re going to rarely ever have homework assignments, and it’s considered to be a fairly easy, low level workload AP class, which is rather nice when so many of my classes are AP classes.

If my dog is still in my room at the end of this class, I’ll let him out. If he’s in my work room for 2 classes straight, he rarely ever wants to stay for another period, but sometimes he will.

8th Period

My last class of the day is Weight Lifting. It’s a fairly easy class, especially remotely. All we have to do is 60 minutes of exercise a day, with a couple of vigorous exercises and a couple of muscle strengthening exercises.

We get out of this class really early. Depending on the day, I’ll get out 30-40 minutes early. The rest of the time is meant to be used as part of the exercising period, however it isn’t required to be.

Most of the time, I’ll use the rest of this class to take my dog for a walk. If there’s an article going out on that particular day, I’ll get everything ready for the article to go after we finish our walk.

Some days, I’ll have debate practice after school, so I’ll zoom into practice. If you would like to know what my after school routine is, leave a comment down below and leave a like, and I’ll make an article about some of the ways I spend my hours after school!

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