10 People in Your Classes and How to Deal With Them

By: Elena and Lily

Throughout your education, you’re bound to meet a variety of people. A big part of school is the people there with you. Some of them could be lifelong friends and some of them might be people you wished you’ve never met. You’re going to run into many different types of people as you jump from class to class throughout your time at school, so here’s a guide to the good ones and the bad ones and how to deal with them.

The Class Friend

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The Class Friend is normally someone you do projects with and maybe whisper to in class, but not someone you have any connections with once you leave the classroom. Normally the Class Friend is someone you end up with at the beginning of the year and just kind of stick with. They’re nice enough and you get along great.

The Class Friend is really great to have when you don’t have any of your other friends in the class, and they’re pretty easy to get along with. You can rely on them to have someone to laugh with in class and get work done. 

Because they’re a nice friend to have in passing, it’s really easy to make friends with them. Who knows, maybe you’ll see each other out in public sometime and say hi. But as long as you’re polite and friendly, they will be too, and you’ll get along just fine. 

Your Best Friend

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Yes, we all know the Best Friend. The person we do the craziest stuff with. The Best Friend is great to have in class, I mean, it’s great for you. Be careful not to get too carried away talking to them and get on your teacher’s bad side however. 

The Best Friend is amazing to have in class because you can always go to them for help, questions, and you’ll probably do homework together after school. I mean, where else would you go but with them. 

Dealing with your Best Friend hopefully won’t be a problem. Chances are you’ve known them forever and know every side of them, the good and the bad, and exactly how to deal with that. Just remember that you’re still in class and not hanging out somewhere after school, and remember texting them during the entire class period might not be the best idea.

The Bully

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The Bully is pretty self explanatory. The kid who bullies the other kids. They’re likely insecure, but won’t ever let anyone know. The Bully is the kid who’s going to be the hardest to work with. Most of the time, they just want to prove themselves, or make themselves feel better by putting others down.

The best way to deal with this kid is to not cross paths with them if possible. If not possible, you should just ignore their remarks and ignore the mean comments they make. Should the Bully mess with your friend, you should probably stand up to them. Don’t be too mean though, because the Bully is 99% of the time one of the most insecure people you’ve met.

The Smart Kid

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The Smart Kid is someone who probably doesn’t even need to pay attention in class, but their notes are amazing. They get amazing grades, and if you ask them for help, they’ll teach you everything you need to know.

Befriend the Smart Kid. With their help as a friend, you can guarantee the grade you want. The Smart Kid is the one who you absolutely want in your group projects and the one you want to work with whenever you have the option to do so.

The Smart Kid persona may vary from Smart Kid to Smart Kid, but what defines this persona is the ones who are the geniuses of your school. They’re likely rather smart, but some of them might be a smidge arrogant from time to time as well.

The “Popular” Kid

Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

The “Popular” Kid, we all recognise this one. I’m sure your mind went to that one person in your classes immediately. They probably aren’t the nicest but lucky for you, they probably could care as much about you as you do about them. 

Just let them sip their coffee, roll their eyes, and complain to their friends in their own little corner and you’ll be fine. The only time this person becomes really insufferable is if you have to work with them. The best thing you can do in these situations is focus on your work and ignore their insufferability. 

What defines the “Popular” Kid is their “I’m better than you” attitude. Normally they are well known for being disliked, but they don’t realize it. If you’re struggling with dealing with them deep in mind that despite what they think, everyone else in the school probably dislikes them as much as you do. 

The Slacker

Photo by Quinton Coetzee

The exact opposite of the Smart Kid is the Slacker. The Slacker could care less about what they’re learning. Most of the time the Slacker just wants to play on their phone and while they aren’t necessarily failing the class, they probably don’t have the highest grade.

The Slacker will stay awake in class but probably won’t be paying attention. It’s not that they don’t know the right answer, but they could care less and have no motivation to participate or listen. The Slacker might turn in their big assignments eventually, but I wouldn’t recommend asking them for the answer to the homework, because they probably never do that. 

The Slacker isn’t someone you need to communicate with. They are probably happier playing on their phone and it’s in your best interest to just focus on the class.

 However, if you do end up in a group project together I recommend assigning what to do to them. Make it clear and easy what they need to get done while you do your part. But, be ready to have a backup if they don’t get it done. Being in a group with the Slacker can suck, and it can be hard to get them to do their part. But make it clear and easy, maybe figure out what they like. And chances are if it’s worth enough points they’ll get it done.

The Teacher’s Pet 

Photo by Element5 Digital

The Teacher’s Pet can either be a great friend or the worst person in your class. Normally they annoy everyone in the class with their laughs and remarks that somehow makes the teacher love them. 

Luckily for you, even though they’re personality in class can be annoying, they’re also a good student. If you ever end up in a group with them or sitting next to them, it’ll probably only benefit you. Besides the slight annoyance of having to be with them. 

The Teacher’s Pet isn’t necessarily the most annoying person in your class though, and some of them can make a good class friend or at least an ally. Just be friendly with them and you can probably get through the class. 

The Jock

Photo by Hannah Reding

Ah, the Jock. The kid who brushes off homework for sports practice, and wears their uniform to class. They think they’re better than everyone else just because they play sports. They don’t care about their classes. All the Jock wants to do is play sports. This isn’t to say all of the football players are like this, but the Jock persona is someone who focuses on sports rather than school.

There’s a couple different ways to deal with the Jock. If you’re working on a project with them, they’re probably not going to get much work done. Expect to have a double workload, unless you’re also in a group with someone who’s a little more competent. They can also be fun as friends, so you can also befriend them. If your paths don’t cross much, you might be better off as leaving them be and not pay much attention to them.

The Sleeper 

Photo by Kinga Cihewicz

We all know the kid who falls asleep in class, the kid who doesn’t really pay attention, because they’re busy taking a nap. The teacher probably gets very annoyed with this kid, and doesn’t really want this type of kid in their class.

I would just ignore this kid, unless the teacher puts you in a group with them for a project. If this happens, you should know they’re probably not going to do the work, so expect a double load.

The Insomniac

Photo by Kal visuals

Although everyone in high school is usually at least a little bit sleep deprived, there’s the kid in all of your classes who doesn’t sleep, and is always extremely tired. This isn’t the sleeper, so they aren’t going to be sleeping in class, but they’re likely to be somewhat delusional in class.

The Insomniac might be a genius, or might not be. Either way, they’re likely to have some pretty cool ideas from being delusional from lack of sleep. Become friends with this kid, as they’re likely to make class a little bit more interesting.

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