Why you Should Cut your Hair at Home and How to

By Lily

We all want to change up our look every once and awhile, and with quarantine, none of us have been able to get in for a haircut. That doesn’t have to stop us though. Cutting your hair at home is cost effective, fun, and easy. If you’re thinking about a DIY haircut here’s your complete guide on why you should cut your hair at home and how to.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Why you Should

It’s Cost Effective

Not everyone can afford an expensive haircut, and that doesn’t have to be a problem! Cutting your hair at home gets rid of this problem. All you really need is a pair of scissors.

We all need a change Sometimes

Cutting your hair can be the change you need to brighten up your life. I find that changing up my hair is exactly what I need sometimes. It can make you happier and more confident. 


Cutting your hair is such a great outlet and so much fun, it’s worth doing at least once in your life just for the experience. There really is no risk, it’s hair! It grows back! So go for it and have fun with it.

Do research

Many people don’t cut their hair because they are worried they’ll mess it up. And while it’s easy to mess up, there’s one crucial step that will make it so much harder to make a mistake. Do your research. There are millions of videos on the internet of people cutting their hair at home and succeeding, watch those videos.

Make sure you’re using the right tools and you learn the proper methods to get the haircut you want. I recommend not trying to do anything fancy or change it up more than just the length. We all have a way our hair lays and a certain style that it’s already cut to. 

Change it up but don’t try to make it too fancy. However, if you are trying to make a real change, do the proper research to see what tools you need and how to change it up without making a mistake. 

Know your hair

This is also an important step of the research you do.There are multiple hair types that will affect how your hair lays and how you should cut and style it. Find videos of people with your hair and see how they are cutting it. 

There are many different methods of cutting hair but your best to go with someone who has similar hair. If you have super curly hair you don’t want to cut it based on someone with pin straight hair, and if you have thick hair you may not want to cut it as someone who has thin hair. 

Don’t hold back

Don’t hesitate, don’t take the easy way out. Cut your hair how you want to with the vision you want. Don’t let people tell you not to cut it. Cutting your hair is fun and refreshing and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to do it.

Plus remember, it’s hair! It grows back. We’ve all had a hair cut that we disliked, and guess what, it grew back! It didn’t stay that way. So this won’t either. And once you take the risk and pick up those scissors, you have the power to change your hair and cut it however you want forever.

So don’t hold back, don’t stop yourself from having a fun time, changing it up how you want to, and making a cost effective decision for yourself!

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