Why is Philosophy Interesting

By Elena and Lily

Knowledge has been sought for thousands and thousands of years. From ancient times, philosophy has been a query. What makes philosophy so interesting? A lot of people have different answers, which is very fitting for philosophy. Everyone has a different interpretation of philosophy, so it makes sense that everyone is intrigued for different reasons. In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the reasons why we and others are interested in philosophy, and we encourage you to comment down below a reason why you’re interested in philosophy.

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People want to know that their actions are the “right” choice. They want to have something they can use to make decisions. There isn’t a much better way to do that than to study philosophy.

There’s so many different ideas out there, and a lot of different moral stand points. Philosophy tries to find reasons behind why something is considered right or wrong, it works to help us figure out what is right or wrong. 

Morality is a constant question and a constant struggle for humanity, and the only way we can ever have any sort of answer or solution is through philosophy, even though everyone disagrees.

New Ideas

Philosophy helps express new ideas and new ways of thinking. That’s part of the reason why a PhD is called a PhD. It’s a doctorate of philosophy. 

Our societies are constantly changing, which is why our moral standpoints shift. Kant’s Categorical Imperative isn’t necessarily the best anymore. That’s why other philosophers since then have emerged. Nietzsche, Deleuze, and Mills all have their own interpretations of morality.

It’s also something that can constantly be built up. There’s philosophers like Foucault who expands and puts together Kant and Nietzsche, despite Nietzsche’s various critiques of Kant. 

New ideas are endless, especially in morality. What is considered good or bad by one person, is definitely not the case with others. Although there are some ideas that are pretty consistently thought of as morally correct, every philosopher also has someone roasting them.

How Elena Got into Philosophy

Although I’d always been intrigued by philosophical thinking, I only really got interested in philosophy in high school. 

In my english class, our teacher exposed us to the trolley problem. As I thought more about it, I got more and more intrigued into the different sides of the problem. 

I also started Lincoln Douglas Debate in my freshman year, which is heavily philosophical. 

At the beginning, I didn’t really run very heavy philosophy, but in second semester I started having some cases with more philosophy. I started to get exposed to more philosophy, especially after I moved up to the varsity division.

From there, I knew philosophy was something I wanted to dedicate time to really learn and read about. In the beginning of the summer after freshman year, my brother took me to get some philosophy books, which I started to read. I got really interested in a lot of the different ideas, and started to do some more research on the various topics.

As I would debate more experienced debaters in my sophomore year, I got exposed to a lot more philosophy and I got a lot more interested in those types of arguments.

I find philosophy interesting because of how complex, yet simple it is. Philosophy is a topic not everyone really wants to talk about, but I’ve always found it to be intriguing. Although I don’t always know right and wrong, philosophy makes that interesting. Right and wrong is subjective, and reading the different perspectives helps me understand others around me. 

How Lily Got into Philosophy

My reasons are very similar to Elena’s. I’ve always been interested in philosophy, and getting exposed to it in high school has made me more interested.

Different Analysis

A lot of philosophers have different opinions on the same matters. I’ve found when you truly care about a controversial idea or topic, it’s important to know and understand both sides of the argument, even if the other one is utterly stupid and ignornat. 

Studying many philosophers around the same topic can be vastly interesting. Especially when the other side isn’t completely ignorant. It can be really beneficial and interesting to understand a different viewpoint and learn the reasoning behind it. 

Philosophy is full of so many philosophers with so many different ideas, whether good or bad. The study of it can be eye-opening and shape your ideas and understandings of the world around you.

Untraditional Education

Besides the mentioning of Locke and Hobbes during the small unit in your history class, we don’t get much education on philosophy. There are so many more ideas and critiques on important parts of our lives and society that we never get to learn about in school. 

Studying philosophy allows us to learn about these different ideas and topics to get a better education outside of the schools curriculum. Our education should not be bound by what the school system deems we should know. Philosophy is an excellent way to break out and expand our knowledge vastly. 

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