A Beginner’s Guide to Getting a Job as a Teen

By Lily

Your job options as a teen can be pretty slim. There’s a few odd jobs willing to hire, quite a bit of fast food places, and a few internships.  You may want a job for work experience, to help support your family, or simply to get some cash to spend. No matter the reason, it can be challenging to find a job as a young teen. However, it’s not impossible. In this article i’ll give you a few tips to find and get a job.

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Finding a Job

One of the most challenging parts of getting a job is finding one, especially as a teen. There are a million openings for experienced adults, but not enough for young workers. Finding a job can be your biggest challenge as a teen. Most places willing to hire teens won’t require a lot of experience or the most impressive resume, but you have to find them first.

Talk to people

Talking to people can be one of the best ways to find a job willing to hire as a tennager. Chances are one of your friends has a job, and if you’re lucky, they’re hiring. This is actually how I got my job. A friend can also be helpful in getting you an interview and getting you hired. If you’re friends with a trusted employee and they recommend you, it may make the employers more open to hiring you. 

The Internet is Your Friend

With a simple search you can find job listings for your age and your skill sets fast. In this age we have unlimited access to every job search site and app. These can be a productive way to filter out the perfect jobs for us in a matter of clicks. If you don’t know where to start looking these can be the perfect places to start getting interviews for accessible jobs in your area.

However, there are a few downsides to this method. Some sites and apps don’t do as well at filtering down jobs for your age, especially if you’re under 16 years old. When I was searching for a job at the age of 14 I found apps especially to be very unreliable in finding me accessible jobs. They also can contain confusing information. If you find the listing or information confusing and you are unsure, I recommend googling to business and calling or emailing them to get more information. 

Despite those few minor downsides this method can be a great way to find a hiring business and land an interview. 

Getting the Job

Once you find a job listing, you don’t automatically have it. You might have to get an interview, and then pass it. Here are a couple tips to land you the job you’re trying to get.

Make your Resume

Having a resume can be an important part of getting a job. Chances are as a teen, you’re not going to have any work experience, but don’t worry. That’s not what most jobs looking to hire you are interested in. Use your resume as a way to show your dedication and involvement to certain extracurriculars. You can show off your skill sets here that may pertain to the job you’re trying to get. Use your resume to prove you’re a good student who is smart and ambitious. 

A lot of times you may not know where to start with your resume. But don’t worry, the internet is literally your best friend. With one search, you can find a bunch of free sites right away to help you build and organize a high quality resume. 

Appearances Matter

How you present yourself in your looks and demeanor can make a huge impact on whether you get hired or not. You get about 10 minutes to make a good impression. To show them why they should hire you so make sure you’re being your most polite and elegant self. 

Wearing nice clothes can go a long way. I’m not saying dress up in a suit or a nice dress. But look presentable, don’t show up in your stained hoodie and sweatpants. Look like you’re taking this seriously and wanting to be there. You don’t have hours to have a conversation with the people looking to hire you, so you want to appear as on point as possible. 

Your demeanor also has a big play in getting you your job. My first recommendation is simile. Show your actively listing and have your qualifications and any other knowledge you may need to get the job ready to display. Be engaged and willing to answer any questions they may have. Show up on time and be positive. Places want to hire someone reliable, nice, and attentive, so show off all your best qualities in the time you have. 

Don’t Give Up

Part of interviewing for a job is being rejected. Not every job will be the right fit for you, and there’s always a chance that there’s just a better fit employee out there. But don’t be discouraged. If you’re determined and willing, you will find your job. Don’t give up and don’t let a rejection or two get in the way of your search.Apply for places, even if you’re not sure you’re experienced enough, chances are you don’t have to be. Plenty of places need minimum wage workers and I’m sure one will be ready to hire you. 

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