Why Social Distancing is Important

By Elena and Lily

Despite the pandemic many people seem to think that they are invincible. Simple precautions like. social distancing, mask wearing, and other safety measures seem to be followed by less and less in the US, despite the increasing number in cases. Some seem to believe it’s over, that we’ve passed the storm, that it can’t hurt them, however that is far from true, and these precautions are more important than ever.

Image: Vera Davidova


By socially distancing, you protect yourself. You do not know who has the virus, and thus to keep yourself safe, you need to socially distance. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stay locked away in your room. Just when you go to the store or see your friends, wear a mask and stay at least 6 ft away from everyone. Socially distancing will keep you from having to stay locked up in your room.

If you don’t want to be permanently put 6 ft into the ground, stay 6 ft away from people now.

Those around you

This especially goes out to the many teenagers and young adults in this world who think they’re invincible. Many people believe that they don’t have to socially distance because they will be ok if they get sick, or that we should all just go out and get sick because we “can’t avoid it”. 

Those are very irresponsible ways of thinking. It is a fact that most young people with no underlying conditions will be ok if they get Corona. They won’t enjoy it, but they will survive. However, we’re all social distancing for a reason. You aren’t just socially distancing for yourself, so you don’t get sick. You’re also socially distancing for the people who it can spread to if it does, the people who will die if they get Corona. Just because people you know haven’t died doesn’t mean over 500 Thousand people haven’t died from this disease. It’s not a joke or a harmless virus. Just because you won’t die doesn’t mean others will be fine too.

This also plays into the statement I hear often “we can’t avoid it.” Yes we can. We have slowed the spread through social distancing and through mask wearing. Yes, cases are still increasing, it is still hurting people. But, that’s because people aren’t taking the precautions. That’s because people still chose to travel and go to the beach and hang out, as if everything is completely normal. If we all seriously quarantined and took this seriously, imagine how much less harm could have been done. Actually, you don’t have to imagine. Just look at the countries who took the precautions seriously. 

I know it’s easy to want to go out and have fun and not worry, especially when it seems harmless to you. You can go out and see people, as long as you do it safely. Limit group sizes, wear masks, social distance, and do your best not to spread anything to at risk people. Remember, you’re not alone in the world. The world doesn’t revolve around you, which is why you’re not just doing this for you. You’re distancing for the lives that will be lost and the families that will suffer if you don’t take the proper precautions, and so that the people that have been taking the situation responsibly can return to their lives.

Health Care

There’s a lot of people right now who have had to halt their medications, which they absolutely need to live, because of the current pandemic. These medications, which although may help them normally, would weaken their immune systems to Covid-19.

These medications include medicines cancer patients may take, especially those who are in the 3rd and 4th stages. By going out and hanging out with friends, you ARE spreading the virus, and these people have already been forced to stay off of their medications for months. Unless people social distance, people’s lives, even if they don’t contract the virus, are threatened by this behavior.

The current pandemic has also made it harder to get certain medications, or even stay at the hospital after having a surgery. This irresponsible behavior is hurting others, not only because the pandemic continues, but also because this behavior is depriving people of health care.

Another big issue is health care workers and their families. Their jobs are hard enough as it is, but the pandemic and irresponsible behaviors of many has burdened them even further. Because of cases, they often have to work non stop for longer, and can’t even go home to their families out of fear of transmitting the disease to them. Take precautions out of respect for health care workers, if for no one else.

The Only Solution

These precautions are the only solutions, at least until scientists develop a vaccine. Social distancing does reduce the number of people infected, and if people did not go out to hang out with their friends, or at least did it keeping in mind these precautions, we could stop the virus in its tracks completely.

If we stopped infections by the infected not spreading the disease (so everyone is socially distancing because you don’t know if you are infected or not) then the virus would die out completely, even without a virus. 

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