A Beginner’s Guide to Elena

By Elena

Hello everyone! I’m Elena, and I hope this article will help you see a little bit into my life, and why I’m choosing to write the articles I choose to write. I’ve grown up with a different outlook on life than a lot of my peers, and I think this article and the others I write in the future will help to shed a light on my perspectives.


My parents immigrated from Russia before I was born, so much of my childhood was with my grandparents overseas, although they did eventually move to the US as well. As a result of my slavic roots, I’m a native speaker in both English and Russian. I have one older brother, who has helped me through a lot of my struggles. He’s currently in college following a pre med program. I also have a golden retriever who I’ve grown up with since I was 6. My dad works at a university as a professor in physics, and my mom works at a school, although if she wanted to, she does have the credentials to work in a lab. 


I’ve always been very academically driven, always pushing myself to get straight A’s in all of my classes, even with the hardest classes I could possibly take. My education is very important to me, and both Lily and I take our education very seriously, so you can expect there to be many articles about managing a higher workload of classes, as well as many study tips to get you through your classes and to do well on tests. This past year, as a sophomore, I took 3 AP classes. I took AP World History, AP Macroeconomics, and AP Microeconomics, all of which I took AP tests for. 

Next year, I’m going to be a junior in high school, and I’ll be taking 5 AP classes, which I will be talking a lot more about in a few months once the school year starts back up. I’m very academically driven, and have always pushed myself towards higher difficulty classes.


My parents decided to put me in dance class when I was 3 years old, with some hope I could eventually learn how to be at least a little bit more graceful. That worked to some extent, however you can still catch me stumbling over my own feet. I have still yet to trip over my own shoelace though, even though they are often untied. Although I’ve changed a lot through the years, dance is my constant, and I’m proud to say I am still dancing. I’ve grown a lot as a dancer, and you can expect there to be many articles in the future about dance, and how I’ve balanced a busy schedule at dance with my heavy workload at school.

Growing up at my dance studio, which at the time was inside of a workout gym complex, I got to watch a baton twirler train. When I was 9, she offered to start teaching me, and intrigued, I jumped at the opportunity. I’m glad I did, because it’s provided me with so many opportunities, such as going to Nationals two years ago and performing at a school music event. Twirling is a huge part of my life, and it’s something I hope to continue doing, so I will be sharing some of my experiences as a twirler with you guys as well.

Yet another extracurricular I was involved in, however am now having to give up, is orchestra. I’ve played the violin since I was in 4th grade, and due to my busy schedule and all the classes I want to take, I am forced to drop orchestra. I wish I didn’t have to do so, especially since I’ve had to drop piano as well, which I played from age 5 to age 13, however I couldn’t fit it into my already busy schedule, given my dancing and baton twirling. 

Starting from 7th grade, I’ve been involved in Science Olympiad at school. My middle school team was rather small, with less than half of the maximum number and only the ability to cover a miniscule amount of events, however I’ve continued this activity into high school, and my high school team is much bigger. I mostly enjoy participating in the building events, and have experienced a degree of success.

Going into high school as a freshman, I decided to try out debate, since I knew it was something my older brother enjoyed and I wanted to try my hand at it as well. I quickly found the activity as something I enjoyed doing, and I’ve learned so much from the team atmosphere and from debate in general. Both Lily and I intend to write many articles about being a debater, so stay tuned for those and leave some suggestions for us about what aspects of debate you would like us to write about in the comments section down below or send us a message through the contact page!

My future

As of now, I plan on majoring in computer science and eventually becoming a software engineer. This summer, I am involved in an engineering internship which I hope will help me learn some of the skills I need. I don’t know which college I want to go to yet, or which company I want to work at, however I do know I will continue pushing myself to achieve my dreams, and I hope my articles will help you realise how you can achieve yours.

I decided I wanted to go into computer science for a variety of reasons, and if you’d like us to write an article about choosing a career path, let us know, and tell us some of the struggles you have in deciding on your path, and we’ll do our best to help you out!

Thank you for tuning in to today’s article, and stay tuned for Thursday’s article on a collaboration Lily and I are writing about plant based diets! We have so many articles planned, and we hope you enjoy reading them. As always, feel free to contact us with suggestions on articles to write, as well as any questions you may have and we’ll do our best to answer them!

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